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Social Media Hacks: Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram, that social media network known for its images evoking nostalgia, has always been a popular channel for many people who want to express themselves in a more visual fashion.    The site is clean, easy to use, and its simple design makes posting, sharing, and liking of images very useful for its visitors. This ease […]

Latest Updates In Digital Marketing

Are you ready for the latest updates in digital marketing ?   Digital marketing has always been seen as the next stage in advertising and promotions, especially when it comes to an audience that spends a great deal of their time browsing online. Considering the proliferation of smart phones, tablets, Wi-Fi hotspots, as well as the […]

Blogging Tuesday: Getting Down To Business

Starting a business can be a really painful challenge; this is a fact of life.   A lot of things can happen during the early years of a business operation.    Variables change, problems come along the way, and only the most durable of entrepreneurs will have a chance of succeeding.   For now. in spite of expected […]

Follow Friday: Tweets Worth Remembering

Content marketing can be a nightmare……and that is a fact.      Considering the things one has to do just to get results (but still not getting what was the desired result), it does raise questions as to what marketing teams might be doing wrong.     Still, one has to admit that generating quality content for a targeted […]

Tweets For a Wise Mindset

Today’s focus is on tweets for a wise mindset because being in business requires being sensitive to and nimble about the way our market moves.     We need to know just what is going on with our customers, as well as our competition.     Being nimble enables us to address any sudden needs […]

Wednesday Blog Search: What To Ask When Hiring Someone

As a rule, hiring the right person for your company is one of the most challenging aspects of internal management.    When it comes to the interview of a pre-qualified candidate, you need to know what to ask when hiring someone.    Yes, you can hire someone with a stellar track record in other companies, or an […]

Social Media Tuesday: Creating Effective Content

It is not easy to succeed in creating effective content.   We may already be stuck on how to create proper web content for our social media and SEO campaigns.    Creating great content that achieves its intended purpose may be a bit too high of a hurdle to leap over.     However,  creating […]