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Boost Your Lead Generation with Social Media

Social media key component in a lead generation campaign. it needs to support your other marketing efforts (blogs, special offers, newsletters, dedicated landing pages, and the like). But even with its many platforms and versatility for inbound marketing, it remains just one piece of the puzzle, so don’t commit all of your resources to it. If you cultivate […]

How to Engage in Social Media During this Holiday Season

Social media becomes more active as the holiday season is fast approaching. As a marketer, expect it to be the best opportunity to spread brand awareness, drive traffic and increase sales for your business. Keep in mind these key social media marketing factors when maintaining business communications during the holiday season: Brand personality Your brand’s personality […]

Social Media Marketing for Starters – 5 Ways to Invest

Nowadays, almost all businesses have their own social media accounts in order to build brand awareness, find potential leads and to engage with customers. Unfortunately, beginners may have a hard time wrapping their arms around social media marketing and end up not making the most out of it. If you’re unsure on how to get […]

6 Common Social Media Misconceptions

Social media marketing has been used by various businesses. Large corporations are using it to open a new line of communication with their target audience. It also facilitates the building of a relationship with your peers within the industry. Most of all, your customers and competitors are surely there. Your past and present customers will […]

Most Used Social Media Platforms By Business Marketers

With all the different social media platforms out there that are available for business owners to use, “Where do I start?” is a common question. Most businesses and nonprofits understand the value of using social media to reach customers, but have to realize that all platforms may not be for them. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn […]

How to Launch a Successful Social Media Campaign

  Some people seem to have a never-ending supply of creative, out-of-the-box ideas. They’re always coming up with new campaigns in meetings, delivering creatives that wow the entire office, and dreaming up innovative ways to reach the right audience. These people are inspiring, but the reality is, even they get stuck every now and again. […]

The Most Common Startup Myths Debunked

Some entrepreneurs forget that they need an innovative business model along with an innovative solution to have a successful startup. Inventors alone, or business gurus alone, generally fail. It really takes a complementary pair of founders to improve the odds. Here are the most common myths you should ignore to succeed in your startup business: 1. “A great […]