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Social Marketing Buzz: Social Media Traffic Referrals

Here’s a very interesting social media report from Shareaholic.   According to the report, the top 8 social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube ) drove 31.24% of overall traffic to websites. Their latest report, is broken up into three main parts: Section I: Social referrals over Q4 2014 (September – […]

#Follow Friday: Be a Helping Hand – Follow and Share Their Updates

Social media is for everyone.   It’s not just for marketers alone but for ALL.     The fact is that social media became a channel…..the fastest channel to discover new talents,  news and everything in this universe. The reason why social media exists is to help people broadcast their beliefs and interests to the […]

#FaveTweets: Social Media as One of Your Sales Touchpoints

Relationships are the new shift in marketing strategies.   They are a great part of drawing people to your business.  Social media is a great way to start building relationships and make them bloom. #SocialMedia is not about "followers" and retweets, it's about friends and relationships.— Glen Gilmore #SocBiz (@GlenGilmore) February 18, 2015 Glen Gilmore’s […]

Social Marketing Buzz: Ways to Avoid Twitter Suspension

We live by rules and rules are meant to enhance how we live.    It’s the same with social media, they have rules that users should follow.    Rules are not made to protect the tool but to protect its user’s interests. Twitter is an effective marketing tool that gives brands and marketers the opportunity […]

#FaveTweets: Enjoying the Delights that Only Social Media Can Give

Social media is considered as a game-changer in the online marketing industry.      It provides a wide range of opportunities for online marketers.    Given this, it’s undeniably true that it continues to expand, attracting more and more users to its presence.    Numbers tell the story.    That’s why it has become a […]

Social Marketing Buzz: What’s new on Twitter ?

Twitter has been among us for over 8 years now and never fails to provide feature updates that satisfy its users.    It keeps on growing and growing with a soaring 288 million active users every month.    Twitter is in third place to Facebook and Instagram with 1.39 billion and 300 million monthly active […]

#Follow Friday: Personal Finance – Who to Follow ?

We have already featured people that will you lift your mood, will help you boost your productivity levels, and now it’s time to add few people that will give you advise on how to manage your finances where most fail. Do you set aside funds for something from your monthly income even if you already […]