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115 Amazing Facts About Social Media You Should Know

Think you know everything about social media? Test your knowledge with this useful infographic presented by https://skilled.co/resources/social-media-facts-infographic. Make sure to take note of these 115 facts about social media the next time you plan your marketing strategy: Original blog post: https://skilled.co/resources/social-media-facts-infographic 115 Amazing Facts About Social Media You Should Know

Picture Perfect – 11 Visual Content Tools and Resources for Marketers

To create awesome and share-worthy visual content for your social media, you will need to find the right websites and apps or programs to customize your images. Here are some handy visual content tools and resources that you might want to check out: Where to get images Here are some of the top paid stock photo sites: IStockPhoto.com […]

8 Ways to Never Run Out of Fresh Content Ideas for Your Social Media

Are you having trouble coming up with fresh content ideas lately? Don’t fret! here’s a list of 8 creative and interesting topics that will keep your social media fans engaged: 1. Follow Daily Themes Choosing themes for specific days of the week will make it easier to come up with fresh content ideas for your social […]

Content Marketing Analysis – 5 Critical Questions You Need to Ask

Are you stuck in a content marketing rut? Before you plan your next strategy, start a content marketing analysis and ask yourself these 5 important questions: 1. What are the biggest gaps in your current sales and marketing process? Everything you do when it comes to content marketing should enhance your current sales and marketing process. […]

Find Your Niche: The Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Choose from 48 of the best social media platforms that will help you connect with your target audience and successfully achieve your business goals: Facebook With more than a billion users worldwide and features ranging from targeted advertising to live broadcasting, Facebook is as close to a must-have social networking platform as there is for […]

How to Hire An SEO Company

Here’s How To Hire an SEO Company Customers complain that your website never seems to show up in an online search – or worse, they don’t even know that you have a website. Crickets chirp online when you look for your URL. It’s as if you are invisible online. What’s going on? You need SEO, my […]