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Social Marketing Buzz: “FOCUS” For a More Successful 2015

It’s 2015 everybody !    It’s the year of the Sheep according to the Chinese beliefs.   But I tell you, this is your year !   Claim it… own it… and redefine your focus for a more successful 2015. As I was researching for a new content topic to write, it flashed into my mind….the word […]

Helpful Guides to Kickstart Plans for 2015

Happy Holidays Everyone ! 2014 is quickly coming to an end.    Everyone is busy shopping, decorating, wrapping gifts, entertaining and organizing parties.   So, we don’t wish to be too serious during the holidays, but allow us pose this question.     Who among us has already made detailed plans for 2015 ?   […]

Watch These Movers

How do we manage our lives ?    How do we juggle between our career and private lives ?     How do we inject more value in our existence ? These questions sound very philosophical, but they are definitely questions that many people are asking these days.   Influential leaders such as trusted advisers […]

5 Step Marketing Plan

Today, we introduce a time-proven 5 step marketing plan.    For many marketers, the most difficult aspect of marketing is marketing itself.    After all, promoting products and services and then convincing others to make a purchase can be a real challenge.    We know how prospective customers respond when being introduced to something new. […]

Online Marketing News

In today’s online marketing news, we’re sharing that information is important, whether it’s for a company or its marketplace.    It’s only by obtaining the right information that people are able to make the right decisions.     They can also avoid bad decisions that may put him or her in a bad position.   […]

Complete Periodic Tables for an Online Presence Success

We have to understand that, in the world of marketing, the rules that define what we should or should not do change rapidly.    The strategies that may have worked for us this year may not be effective for next year.     It’s vitally important to be constantly vigilant and aware of what is going on in […]

Follow Friday: Women In Business

Business has long been seen as the domain of men.    Still, over the decades, women are creating a stir with their skills and wisdom in managing the different aspects of business. Some have even taken the leadership reins. Take Melissa Mayer for example.    When a top-tier woman talks about business, it is best to pay […]