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Social Marketing Buzz 12-11-2012

Four Types and Steps of Online Personalization News on Social Marketing, according to Top Rank Blog : Companies that are personalizing online experience are more likely to help customers decide on making a purchase. However, if many people can find your content through search but it’s not engaging, or if the content is hard to […]

Social Marketing Buzz 12-10-2012

Study Shows Marketers should not Over Commit to Social Channels News on Social Marketing, according to eMarketer : Social media platforms have basically changed the way that companies and their customers interact. But on a study conducted by Pitney Bowes Software last September, it shows that adult internet users and marketing decision-makers in the US, […]

Social Marketing Tips – Part 10

Your weekly social marketing tips from http://www.feed140.com — enjoy, share and comment!

Social Marketing Tip – Interact is the Key Element for Twitter Success

On Twitter, interaction is great content. Re-tweets, favorites and replies are all important elements of the mix. #marketing #socialmedia

Social Marketing Tip – Be Visible as Much as Possible

First rule of social marketing — show up. You have to be ‘there’ — visible in the network — adding value. #marketing #socialmedia

Social Marketing Tip – Use a Bit of Microblogs

Twitter content is often spontaneous, but it doesn’t *always* have to be off the top of your head. Microblog a bit. #marketing #socialmedia

Social Marketing Buzz 12-07-2012

Study Shows Increase of Number on Digital Video Audience News on Social Marketing, according to eMarketer : eMarkteter reported that , “Video Advertising Benchmarks: Key Data, Trends and Metrics,” more marketers are now obliged to invest more money on ads as the digital video audience is growing in both number and time spent viewing. The […]