Social Marketing Buzz for 05-11-2012

Yahoo Search Drops While Google Grows for April News on Social Marketing, according to Brafton News, based on ComScore’s April search engine market, Yahoo search share drop again last month following a fall off from February to March with 15.9 % of all search queries to 13.7 %. Its most recent 0.2 % is better […]

Social Marketing Buzz for 05-07-2012

The Effect of LinkedIn’s Purchase of Slideshare News on Social Marketing, according to Technorati, in the business world, Linkedln is labeled as the premier social network. And with its acquisition of Slideshare for $119 million has made them more famous. Slideshare, a site having similar functions with YouTube for PowerPoints allow users to upload presentations, […]

Social Marketing Buzz for 05-04-2012

“Martin Luther King Jr. Day” Became No.1 Trending Topic Some important points on Social Marketing that I want to share with you, from this article at Brafton News is that working trending topics into articles and blog posts are the major goals of content marketing campaign with SEO for the enhancement of search ranking. One […]

Social Marketing Buzz for 05-03-2012

Social Media Marketing Success Leads to More Investments News on Social Marketing, according to Brafton News, PulsePoint and the Economic Intelligence Unit insinuate that with the use of social media marketing, companies are experiencing wide-range success. The study reveals that social supports the entire marketing goals, some businesses consider it the reason in the reduction […]

Social Marketing Buzz for 04-26-2012

Quality, Customization and Strategy are Essential in Outsourcing Content Marketing News on Social Marketing, according to Brafton News, for businesses intending to outsource content marketing, high-quality, custom content and SEO expertise are the most commonly sought after characteristics of third-party agencies. Companies aiming for the improvement of their online content marketing campaigns have reached 87%, […]

Twitter RSS Feed Tool

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a web format used to publish updates and syndicate content. It is the little orange button you can see in the websites you visit.  RSS allows every user to receive feed updates of his or her interest directly, without further browsing to the website. On the other side of RSS, […]

Social Marketing Buzz for 04-24-2012

Outsourcing, A Way to Cut Down Expenses A valuable point on Social Marketing that I took away with me, from this article at Brafton News is that outsourcing social media marketing campaign is the best solution of businesses to lessen their expenses and yet succeed. Recently, Social Ally stated in a report that outsourcing social […]