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Social Media Update: Attaching Images to Facebook and Twitter Posts

We know you’ll be happy with this.   For our loyal customers who’ve been consistently supporting us, for our new users, and for those who have voted this in your Feedback dashboard, it’s finally here!   You can now attach images to your Facebook and Twitter updates. Here’s Why We Think This Feature Rocks ! eMarketer stated in […]

Social Marketing Buzz: Why Consider Going Mobile ?

  Technology has greatly improved these past few years.   It’s no doubt that most people prefer the use of their mobile devices when researching, reading and sharing contents online. This is one thing in which businesses should consider investing.   The big questions is, is your website mobile-friendly ?   Last April 21, Google […]

#FollowFriday: More Social Media Peeps to Follow

When I started working as an online marketing assistant, there were only a few social media experts.   I can  still count them on one hand using my fingers.   Fast forward to now, when there are many who have made themselves industry experts in the social media field.   Alex Trebek is quoted as […]

#FaveTweets: Twitter Quotes for Start-Ups

Thriving and surviving ?   This post is for you.   Maybe you just launched your website, your software applications or in general your business. Starting a business is never easy.   It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon as they say.   Yes, let’s say you did your best just to stay afloat in […]

Social Marketing Buzz: Top 5 Twitter Marketing Tip Cards

Some of you have been in Twittersphere for quite a long time now.   Some of you become experts and gurus, but how about those who are just about to jump on the Twitter bandwagon ? Here are some Twitter Marketing Tip Cards that will surely help your Twitter marketing campaign.   “On Twitter, interaction […]

These Blogging Tips are Your Way to Success !

You’ve been considering blogging for a long time but haven’t started yet.   These tips will help you start a good blog. 6 things to consider BEFORE starting a blog – http://t.co/ULNbKyRKxB #writetip #blogging — Nat Russo (@NatRusso) April 22, 2015   There’s more to blogging than just blogging. Thankfully, Brett Relander tweeted and shared […]

#Social Marketing Buzz: How to Humanize Your Brand

 “People connect to humans–not logos” – Amy Jo Martin   For brands to stand out in social media, you have to engage. Start-up companies find it hard to reach the high level of social media success because they lack the very important factor which is the “human touch”. Today, we will help you get your […]