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Helpful Tweets: Improving Security on the Internet

The internet is presently in the big boom stage.   It has now been around for over 30+ years in one form or another.    We know that it can take us to far away places.   As individuals, sometimes we’re just not too sure  how far we want to go.     We have […]

Follow Friday: G+ Social Media Communities To Watch

Social media has always been a powerful medium in which people can connect with each other.    It is also a highly popular means for companies to communicate with their target audiences.     While this has a lot of potential for growing a business, there are many things that are necessary to understand.    One way to understand […]

Thursday: Misleading Marketing Methods

Deception – that is one accusation for which marketers are being blamed.     Well, there is a good reason for it.     Consider the ‘not so few’ number of people who end up being deceived by marketers who are only out to milk them of their money.     It’s only understandable that […]

FaveTweets Wednesday: Instagram Marketing

We all know how Instagram has seamlessly permeated into social media channels.    This nostalgia-inducing online photo gallery has allowed many to enjoy a venue to express ourselves through the images we capture and share online.     With its ease in sharing, liking, as well as promoting, we can exhibit a lot more about […]

Tuesday Buzz: Mobile Marketing For Us

Seriously, there are so many ways for us to promote and advertise our products and services.   The problem here is that most of us are not  aware of these strategies.    When it comes to marketing, we have to cover every avenue and every area that may influence the way our customers think and […]

Tweeters To Watch For In Business

We all know that managing a business in no small feat.    For us to survive in this highly competitive environment, we need to know how to manage people, our resources, and our products in order to get the best results from our customer base.    Today, we present some highly-influential tweeters to watch for in business. […]

Social Media Hacks: Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram, that social media network known for its images evoking nostalgia, has always been a popular channel for many people who want to express themselves in a more visual fashion.    The site is clean, easy to use, and its simple design makes posting, sharing, and liking of images very useful for its visitors. This ease […]