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Want Your Content to Go Viral ?

Want your content to go viral ?   Who doesn’t ?  A big NO ONE !   We all want it.   We want the spotlight, we want the fame….or the recognition.    Everyone is on this quest…..individuals, businesses and organizations. “Going viral” simply means for one’s internet posting or content to gain in popularity very quickly….best […]

FaveTweets: 3 Important Updates in the Online Marketing Industry

Here are the reasons why I love Twitter…….aside from following our favorite celebrities.    You can see what they are up to and get fresh news and updates that are being published first on this platform. You should know about 3 important updates in the online marketing industry: 1.  Facebook is testing a clearer post […]

Investing in Social Media is a Necessity

In this modern age,  incorporating social media into a business strategy is no longer a luxury but a necessity.   Why ?    Entrepreneurs need to have a presence in order to connect with their prospective customers.    We are all aware that no matter how busy people are now, they somehow find time to check their […]

A Complete Redesign of Feed140 – A Letter from the Founder

As a Feed140 user, you may be wondering how long it will take to fix the latest of the issues we are experiencing including non-functioning RSS Feeds, stopped queues, and nagging performance problems. I cannot honestly tell you how long it will take but I can tell what we are doing about it. And, I […]

FollowFriday: Advice From Top Business Leaders

Take some time to read and ponder what the top marketing business leaders are saying.   It  can help new entrepreneurs avoid various trials and errors in their various business ventures.   Their advice can serve as a powerful motivation.  It can keep a sprouting business thriving despite the harsh competition in the marketplace. It is […]

Social Media Marketing: It’s All In The Relationship-Building

Social media marketing is pretty much a mainstay in our sales efforts.   Think about it, millions of people are interacting with each other all over the world.   That does seem like an attractive condition for many online marketers.   But, in terms of online marketing, there is a pretty tricky catch here – how can you […]

FaveTweets: Bits of Advise and Inspiration

What’s the secret to a successful life and business ?   Many have discussed and debated this question over and over again.  It has been the primary subject of many speakers at conventions, seminars, webinars, online chats, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, blogs, published books……..you name it !    Everyone has an opinion on this subject…….while also looking […]