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Some Ways to Grow Your Audience on Twitter

Some Ways to Grow Your Audience on Twitter by TwitterSmallBiz. 1.  Your costumers need to be able to find your business in Twitter.   Consider the following: – Add your Twitter username on your business cards, store windows, vehicles and other marketing materials -Make sure your Twitter username also appears on your website.   You can also […]

Be the Best with These Tweets on Productivity Hacks

Constant Fact: “Time is Money”.    Many social media marketers get into trouble when it comes to consistently being productive.   Learn to be the best with these Tweets on productivity hacks !   Develop ways to significantly improve your productivity.   Deal with obstacles such as procrastination, work distractions, mental focus issues and time management strategies […]

Social Marketing Buzz: What Does the Future Hold For Twitter ?

Twitter has become one of the best sources of news for all of us.   But, what does the future hold for Twitter ?  Though Twitter is not the one-size-fits-all social network, it certainly offers features and competitive edges over other networking sites.   With all the criticisms of character-post-limits and negative predictions of Twitter, it still […]

#FollowFriday: Does Your Content Go Viral ? Seek Help with these Content Marketing Peeps

  1. Mike Allton   Social Media and Blogging Consultant for SMB.   Shares The Ultimate Guide to Writing Epic Content.   Follow the link below and sign up for a Free eBook download. The Epic Post on Epic Posts: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Epic Content http://t.co/lR19InedUn #ContentMarketing #Blogging #Epic— Mike Allton (@mike_allton) August 2, 2014 -Epic […]

Social Media Posting Strategies: Beware of The Dead Zones !

You have all your social media content ready………messages, links, infographics, images and videos.   They’re good to go !   Argh !   You forgot to determine the best times to post them on social media !   And….this oversight causes you to miss out on one of social media’s most important…………its holy grail. Here’s some good news for […]

#Favetweets: Smart Ways to Use Hashtags in your Social Contents

                        Smart Ways to Use Hashtags in Your Social ContentWhat’s with criss-crossed lines that I see everywhere on social media? That’s called a hashtag.   Do you really understand its purpose ?   Why is everyone using it? There are smart ways to use hashtags in your social content. Are you using it intelligently? Just in […]

Social Marketing Buzz: Impact of Social Media on Health Care Industry

Social networks has fundamentally changed the way people communicate with one another and the marketplace……resulting in a significant impact of social media on the health care industry.  On top social networks, modern technological advances include real time communications and accurate, prompt answers to patient’s questions.   These features serve as the first step to unlock […]