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Social Marketing Buzz 11-29-2012 - feed140.com

Social Marketing Buzz 11-29-2012

Instagram “Badges” Helps Promote Your Instagram Web Profile

News on Instagram Marketing, according to Tech Crunch: today, even after being successfully acquired by Facebook, Instagram continue to expand as it introduces a widget that help you spread the word about all of your great random Instagram photos.

Users have been talking much on how Instagram could expand beyond mobile since the launch of its web profiles. Now, a “badge” can be embedded on your website or blog which can lead back to your Instagram profile on the web.

Instagram is giving back this feature to the community as it has been requested by many of its users.

According to the Instagram team, “We’ve launched Instagram badges to help you link to and promote your Instagram web profile. Instagram badges are available in a range of sizes and can be added to your website, blog or anywhere that you want to link to your Instagram web profile.”

Instagram badges have two easy ways to access:

First, you navigate to your Instagram web profile page then click on your username to access the drop down menu and choose “Badges”.

In creating a badge for your brand or business, you have to be logged in online to the brand or business account. Select the badge you’d like to use, copy the code and paste it into your site.

Using Instagram badges helps you direct new followers to your Instagram web profile and to help users discover and engage with your Instagram content, just add them to your brand website, campaign promotions or personal blog.

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Twitter Fights to Own Social Images

News on Twitter Marketing, according to Readwrite Social: a base of 140 million users has been created by Twitter since it started in 2006 and has ever since dominated the micro-blogging industry. This content has been far more textual than image based, until recently.

Twitter has recently launched a new image search function that previews photos at the top of queries. With these recent steps by Twitter, a head-to-head battle with social image giant Instagram is looming.

Other moves made by Twitter that points to Twitter declaring war against Instagram are the addition of highlighted video news, image previews for articles and stories, the new photo search and the rumors of adding filters to images.

This improvement has been in the works for some time and according to Tian Wang on the Twitter blog, the move was made to “highlight the photos, videos and news shared on Twitter, all wrapped up in more social context.”

The use of hashtags before some words can establish whether or not the search function works or not since right now, image results are only for selected terms. However, as the tool gets further refined, more terms will soon be integrated.

Facebook’s Instagram, who has kept its control on social photography with a reported 100 million users, has moved to keep Twitter out by making it hard to tag Twitter profiles in Instagram posts.

According to social media strategist Nick Cicero, “Twitter is putting an emphasis on sharing rich media, not just 140-character messages. Twitter and Instagram have millions of users with camera phones in their pockets, so the playing field is level. The goal is making the most attractive platform for people to spend the most time sharing their experiences through pictures.”

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4 Main Tools Offered by AHREFS for a Successful SEO Campaign

News on Social Marketing, according to Bosmol: for webmasters, a marketing research tool like Ahrefs, is very important since it currently supports 9 countries and over 45 million keywords. And to keep its data fresh and up to date, their index is refreshed every thirty minutes thus, helping theses numbers grow.

To help run successful SEO campaigns, manage keyword rankings, and see when websites are lacking, four main tools are being offered by Ahrefs.

Site Explorer- This is like Yahoo’s old Site Explorer but with much more than just the standard YSE links. Inputting special coding in your results to find .gov or .edu links are no longer needed as they are displayed as well as .net and .org. It also makes sure that you do not lose backlinks with their graphs.

SERP Analysis – The SERP (search engine results page) analysis from Ahrefs Site Explorer is a comprehensive tool that displays PayPer Click Ads, keyword position with analysis, along with a way to monitor daily stats and changes in keyword rankings. Enter a URL to get data from Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results. All the data is exportable to CSV.

Reports – The reports offered by Ahrefs are very thorough and complete and has multiple tabs and filtering options available to analyze websites and export the data. Filters are able to be layered as well for more flexibility. You can run reports on your website or any other website. Each domain is counted as a separate report and you are allowed as many reports as your monthly subscription allows. This is extremely powerful and allows multiple ways to find good links and ignore bad links.

Tools – To streamline your daily workload, Ahrefs is continuously pushing out new products and services for their subscribers like a backlink checker, domain comparison / analysis, batch analysis results, and even top rated SEO toolbars.

An added bonus to all of their tools is that Ahrefs is compatible with SEO Doctor and SEO Quake, excellent SEO plug-ins for Firefox and Chrome, which allows in depth analysis that the add-ons do not offer.

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