Offer Great Customer Service with Post Sales Content Marketing

post sales content marketing

When someone buys a product or service from you, your customer base increases which is cause for celebration. You shouldn’t celebrate too soon, you need to make sure that customers are happy with their purchase.

Here are a couple of post sales content marketing strategies you can create to help your customers out and reduce your chances of receiving bad reviews or returns:

1. Guides

By creating a comprehensive guide that tells customers all they need to know about your product, you can ensure they get the best out of it. But it’s important to bear in mind that text doesn’t always capture the attention of people. To make sure your guide is attractive to customers, focus on beautiful design — with lots of white space so that it’s not overbearing and cool graphics to keep your readers’ attention.

And guides aren’t just for post sales content marketing. You can use them to encourage customers to buy from you. Especially if you post your guide on popular content marketing curation sites.

2. Blog posts

Blog posts act in a similar way to guides. Your blog should not just be a source of information for new prospects and leads, you should also create content that would benefit your current customers. For example, if you run a travel company, don’t just create articles that encourage customers to buy a holiday from you, write pieces that will get current customers excited for the adventure they have already planned.

3. Videos

Video is fast becoming the dominant player in content marketing. So it goes without saying that videos are a great way to educate viewers while keeping them engaged. There are a couple of different types of videos you can create to delight your customers:

  • Tutorial videos are great for showing customers around your website. Particularly if you have a range of in-depth features. By showing your customers how to use these, they can get more out of your website and thus be happier with what they have paid for/signed up for.
  • How To videos show customers how to use your products rather than your website or service. How To videos are great for practically any product — from toys and games consoles to make-up and homeware products.

4. Stay in touch

Customers need to know that they are special all the time. The fortunate thing is, you can do this pretty effortlessly with some after-sales content.

Here are two great ways to keep in touch with your customers.

Email marketing is still a great way to keep in touch with your customers — if you do it right.

  • Don’t email your customers without a reason. The first time you send them a pointless email is the last time they will open a message from you.
  • Make sure your emails include offers and add value for your customers.
  • Always make your email subject lines as catchy as possible so that your emails actually get opened!

The biggest sites on the internet, behind search engines, are social networking sites — so it’s worth having a presence there. Get your customers involved — actively ask them about the experiences with your company.

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Offer Great Customer Service with Post Sales Content Marketing

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