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Social Marketing Buzz for 05-21-2012

Texting While Walking Will be Fined In US Town News on Social Marketing, according to Sky News HD, texting on mobile phones while walking will be fined by police in a US town. This was imposed following an increase in the number of jaywalking incidents where pedestrians illegally or recklessly cross roads and ignoring the […]

Social Marketing Buzz for 05-18-2012

Twitter’s Discover Feature to be Capable on its Smartphone Apps. Soon News on Twitter Marketing, according to Brafton News, raising industry influence and visibility is one of the main objectives of social media marketing. As Twitter adds new content discovery elements to its site, it becomes even more important to companies. Twitter explained some adjustments […]

Social Marketing Buzz for 05-17-2012

Decline of Pinterest Traffic Referrals in 2012, Rise of Google as Traffic Source News on Social Marketing, according to Brafton News, with Pinterest’s rising popularity in late 2011 and a high point of driving 1.05% of all web traffic in February, it has then dropped to 0.74% in April which may give reason for businesses […]

Social Marketing Buzz for 05-16-2012

Shop and travel smarter with Google Maps 6.7 for Android – now with Google Offers and indoor walking directions I found this great article over at Google Lat Long Blog on Social Marketing and I wanted to share some of the points with you. A way to locate Google Offers in Google Maps for Android […]

Social Marketing Buzz for 05-15-2012

Over 900 Million Uses Facebook News on Facebook Marketing, according to Brafton News, Facebook exceeded the 900 million-user mark, reflecting a rise of 33% from March 2011 with over 680 million users. While 526 million people access their accounts daily, a 41% increase from 2011 with an average of 398 million accounts. There are 129 […]

Social Marketing Buzz for 05-14-2012

Policy Questions Answered Under New ‘Facebook Terms and Policies Hub’ News on Social Marketing, according to Mashable Social Media, changes on policies cause confusion to users when using the world’s largest social network. Facebook, the world’s largest social network and well known for its changing policies and confusion among users, has finally aggregated all its […]

Social Marketing Buzz for 05-08-2012

Google Updates Search: Aims High Quality Site News on Social Marketing, according to Brafton News, in view of Google’s Matt Cutts’ warning on a major move for SEO, marketers awaited an update since then. On Tuesday, Google announced its new search algorithm to combat webspam. The potential target of this update is websites interested on […]