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Social Marketing Buzz for 03-21-2012

  Longer Viewing Session as New Basis for Suggesting Videos YouTube algorithm recommends videos based on the number of clicks an individual video receives. Though it helps to promote channels, some misleading thumbnail issues kept the system from achieving its goal to bring videos to its peak. In response, YouTube algorithm changed their basis to […]

Social Marketing Buzz for 03-20-2012

Google Unveils a New Feature for Related Image Search Google introduced a new preview feature for image search. This latest feature allows users to see the first three results for related searches and make it perfect for visual content on the web. This helps users identify the photos most relevant to them more easily. By […]

Playlist: 100 Tips For Effective Communication

If you work in the personal development space, this is a great ‘all purpose’ playlist for you. Effective communication is the foundation for so many different areas of personal development and improvement, your fans and followers will love getting these tips. This playlist, contains 100 top-quality tips that are appropriate for all personal development audiences. […]