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Basic Social Media Marketing Content Strategy to Get Quality Leads

social media marketing content strategyBrands should incorporate SMM in their marketing campaign to capture wider audiences. But, just like other forms of marketing, there are rules of social media marketing for success.

Here are the basic but imperative rules of social media marketing that ensure quality leads that truly convert.

Focus on Quality Content

Don’t focus on quantity. Quality content is likely to be shared and liked by others.

Substandard content will never create engagement at the same rates as invaluable content. Even if you post low-quality content frequently, it still won’t result in engagement.

Use a variety of content

This means that you must not only focus on text or images. Rather, you should include polls and native videos as part of your strategy. Diversifying your content ensures that your followers will pay more attention to your posts, instead of getting lost in the feed.

Establish relationship

Social media marketing isn’t like direct marketing. In social media, your marketing strategy must be conversational. It should be about building relationships to promote engagement. When you establish a relationship, you’re sharing posts by others that you find interesting.

When someone sent you a message, respond to it promptly.

When someone mentioned your brand, respond to that person by mentioning his/her username and thanking him/her for the mention.

Automate post

Not all posts can be done manually. You can automate some of them, but not all. When you automate, you will have more time to engage with your audience personally. Then again, you should never automate every post. This will lose the value of personal interaction.

Keep a schedule that you can maintain

Diversify your social media accounts. But you must make sure that you can handle them all. To ensure that you can consistently maintain a schedule, you must only work on a few social media accounts that you think you can work right now. This is to avoid showing up once and not showing up after a few days. It won’t help you connect with your audience. Lead generation on social media only happens when you’re consistent with your effort.

In other words, social media marketing is about consistency, posting a valuable message and engaging with the community.

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Basic Social Media Marketing Content Strategy to Get Quality Leads

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