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Complete Periodic Tables for an Online Presence Success

We have to understand that, in the world of marketing, the rules that define what we should or should not do change rapidly.    The strategies that may have worked for us this year may not be effective for next year.     It’s vitally important to be constantly vigilant and aware of what is going on in the online business world in order to achieve an online presence success.

Even though it’s a given that the rules change a lot, there are some things that remain constant.    These are so basic that everyone should always keep them in mind.    To make it easier, the following charts are the so-called ‘periodic tables’ that will govern our actions in the online environment.    And here they are:   (Tip:  Clink on the three source links at the bottom for printable versions)

The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors
Yes, there is a periodic table for search engine optimization.   And no, it is not some fad that will only last a couple of months.    There is a very good reason why there is a periodic table for SEO – the principles listed below are the ‘nuts and bolts’ which truly defines what a successful SEO campaign should be comprised.

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing
Content marketing is here to stay forever.   After all, creating good content is essential in getting the interest of an audience and compelling them to spend on whatever we are offering them.   There are certain principles about content marketing which remain constant over the years.    It is understandable that these can be incorporated into a periodic table, just like the one above.

Social Media Opitmization Periodic Table
While we could all say that social media is a relatively easy form of marketing, it really depends on how well we know this discipline, as well as the tools that we should use.   Too often, we seek to perform social media tasks using apps or services that may not really be efficient in the long run.    We must understand and utilize the best tools in our social media efforts to ensure an online presence success.


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