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#FaveTweets: Finding New Social Media Opportunities

Let’s go beyond retweeting, +1, resharing & liking.    These activities are good but you might be missing some bigger opportunities.   This week on our starred tweets, we highlight some excellent ideas that you can add to your social media campaign.

We’re often relying on the total engagements that our posts have helped create and the numbers that tools can generate.   This tweet encourages us to go beyond all the numbers to see the bigger picture.

Your audience is 4x larger than you think
Posting to a social network site is like speaking to an audience from behind a curtain. The audience remains invisible to the user.

While the invitation list is known, the final attendance is not.

– Dr. Michael Bernstein, Stanford


One’s fan base size is a great factor to measure in gauging your social media effort, but the audience size alone is not a guarantee that you’re doing well in your campaign.   The challenge is how to compel them to click and interact with all your social media updates.


To help you reach a larger audience, try GaggleAMP.   It is a platform designed to amplify the impact of corporate social media efforts

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