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Helpful Guides to Kickstart Plans for 2015

Happy Holidays Everyone !

2014 is quickly coming to an end.    Everyone is busy shopping, decorating, wrapping gifts, entertaining and organizing parties.   So, we don’t wish to be too serious during the holidays, but allow us pose this question.     Who among us has already made detailed plans for 2015 ?    Planning ahead always gives us an advantage, so we should all give the appropriate amount of attention to the establishment of some plans even if they’re only the basics.  We all need some helpful guides to kickstart plans for 2015.

Before we take leave for the holidays, let’s take a look at some informational resources, borrow good ideas and start creating our marketing game-plans.   It’s definitely not too late to start laying the groundwork for next year.

1. It will be all about visuals.   We’re expecting that a lot of visual elements will be added to social media, content marketing and advertising.

  3 Recommended Free Image Creation Tools to Create Beautiful Images

  1. Pixlr
  2. Sumopaint
  3. Canva

2. Content will always be the ‘king.’   Compiled in our previous blog post the Content Marketing Guides for 2015
3. Email Marketing continues to prove a successful B2B marketing tool, according to Icon Visual Marketing
4. Social Media remains one of the best.

5. Mobile Marketing will surely dominate.
Rethinking Mobile Strategy for 2015

These are some of the helpful guides to successfully kickstart our 2015.   There is so much work to be done.   Good luck !


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