How to Get More Followers On Twitter? (That’s not the question you should be asking.)

Without fail, the first thing marketers ask when they get started on Twitter is how to get more followers on Twitter. But that’s not the question they *should* be asking. A much more important question than how to get more followers on Twitter is how to get more *listeners* on Twitter.

Twitter is a lot like email when it comes to marketing. It isn’t how big your email list is that counts. It’s how many people are opening your emails, reading them, and hopefully clicking some of the links. The open rates are what count.

You shouldn’t focus on just getting followers. What you should focus on is developing your Twitter personality and becoming a trusted source of interesting and helpful content so people will indeed open, read, listen, engage and click on your tweets.

If you stop chasing followers and focus on increasing listeners, your results will improve significantly. You’ll become more interesting, and you’ll develop a style. Then you’ll begin to attract more followers. But, more importantly, those followers will also be *listeners* because they were attracted by your great content and style.

Stop Asking How to Get More Followers on Twitter. Instead, Focus on Listeners

With listeners, everything gets easier. It’s easier to promote your business and get your followers to respond to your offers if you already have their attention and trust. You’re going to be able to build relationships and offer help, interaction and customer support. That’s what it’s all about.

Do searches on the web or through Google News on a daily basis to find new and interesting things you can share. That’s a big part of Twitter; just finding things you like that are related to your topic and sharing then link with a short comment through Twitter.

Another key way to deliver content is to develop lists of tips, jokes or anything that’s interesting that you can pepper into your timeline. Twitter should be a nice balance of you putting content, ideas and interesting stuff out, and engaging and interacting with people who respond to what you do.

So you see, it’s not all about how to get followers on Twitter.

Feed140 makes it a lot easier to build and maintain a large list of Twitter listeners. We help you ‘lay down a base’ of content so you don’t have to work as hard to turn your followers into listeners.

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