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Identifying the Best Social Media Networks for Your Business

social media networksFor some businesses, they don’t have to be present on every social media platform. It’s a number one mistake for business owners to force themselves to be present on all platforms.

Just because you can be on one or two platforms, it doesn’t mean that you can just pick a platform and stick to it. The best practice is to pick up to three platforms. More than this number may result in you consuming all of your bandwidths in order to manage your social media marketing campaigns.

1. Know Your Buyer Personas

This can significantly help you discover the right social media that you can use and find your target market.

Twitter is ideal for sharing updates and news related to your industry. There are more men than women here. Facebook has more women users than men. When you look at the users of LinkedIn, you’ll find that it’s a network for serious professionals. If you’re running a B2B business, this is the right social network for you. Pinterest, on the other hand, is dominated by women.

2. Identify What Content to Share

Social media platforms offer different types of content. Twitter, for example, supports 140-character shoutout. SlideShare is great for presentations. Know what content that works best for you and you’ll know which platform can handle it.

3. Study your Google Analytics

On Google Analytics, you can find useful insights about your visitors and where they came from.

Now, if you see that some social media platforms aren’t performing well as you’ve expected them to be, then you can now shut down your presence in those platforms. Simply accept the fact that they’re not really helping you realize your goals.

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Identifying the Best Social Media Networks for Your Business

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