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Favetweets: Instagram Marketing Tips

Last March, the number one photo-sharing app – Instagram – marked another milestone……which indicates a huge success !   It reached 200 million active monthly users.   That was five months ago.   One thing is for sure, user numbers keep on soaring ever higher.

Instagram is an online visual media app which allows users to upload and share photos – and even videos – with other users.  People love to show off the fruits of their photographic training and efforts.   With the popularity of Facebook declining among younger users, many have sought other social media.  They have transitioned over to other social media for sharing types of content with other online patrons.   Instagram has obviously found a need and filled it !

If you elect to utilize Instagram as an additional social medium, we suggest you research and use several Instagram marketing tips.   They can be very beneficial and maybe even necessary in order to get off to a fast start.    Learning from the experiences of other more experienced experts will also help in avoiding unnecessary blunders along the way.

Feed140Team is relatively new and considered now as one of the active Instagrammers.   As many would say, Instagram is flooded with foodporns, selfies, fashion and the latest trending hashtags today – the makeup transformation and IceBucketChallenge‬.   There are a number of successful service-promoting brands on Instagram and we are honored to be considered one of them.   135 followers in a couple of weeks is not bad at all.

Below are blogs that served as guide in our Instagram marketing journey:

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