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Playlist: 100 Tips For Effective Communication

If you work in the personal development space, this is a great ‘all purpose’ playlist for you. Effective communication is the foundation for so many different areas of personal development and improvement, your fans and followers will love getting these tips.

This playlist, contains 100 top-quality tips that are appropriate for all personal development audiences. The great thing about these tips is your fans and followers will love seeing them more than once. Set your Feed140 playlist frequency to ‘repeat’ and ‘shuffle’ and you can easily create a base of excellent content with this playlist.

Here are some examples of the status updates your followers will see with this playlist…

Use Bullets: In your written communication, bulleted lists make certain points stand out and are easier for your recipient to absorb.

Number To-Do’s: Whether sending a task list to a team member or creating one for yourself, numbering to-do items makes them more actionable.


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