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Social Marketing Buzz for 05-17-2012

Decline of Pinterest Traffic Referrals in 2012, Rise of Google as Traffic Source

News on Social Marketing, according to Brafton News, with Pinterest’s rising popularity in late 2011 and a high point of driving 1.05% of all web traffic in February, it has then dropped to 0.74% in April which may give reason for businesses to question its value as source of website traffic.

Using Shareaholic’s platform, traffic referrals to the 270,000 websites were being considered in this data measured. Nevertheless, Pinterest can still be effective especially for sites sharing visual content.

While Facebook has over 6.1% of traffic referral, Twitter maintains its traffic referral in March and 0.85% in April. Social networks and SEO are both essential traffic sources. In April, traffic from organic Google search listing increased by 0.4%, with 48.88% of the total delivered hits. Bing’s traffic rises with 1.29% this month compared to 1.27% in March.

Brafton’s recent algorithmic adjustment, Penguin, gives more emphasis on punishing sites with webspam.

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Mobile App Users’ Impact on Marketing Campaigns

News on Social Marketing, according to Brafton News, comScore reported that Facebook mobile app users reached 80%, making them the third most frequently accessed application among iPhone owners. A way of improving engagement among iPhone audiences is through sharing links to video content. More than 78% Americans with Apple’s smartphone use YouTube’s iPhone app.

Facebook is the most popular social platform, with 80.4% of smartphone users. Twitter, being the No.2 among mobile social users represents 26.4%, having major advantage over third-place Linkedln with 7.9% of smartphone users.

Smartphone users reach almost half of the total mobile phone market. According to Brafton, Pew shows 53% of mobile phones in the U.S. are smartphones, with Android as the dominant operating system.

ComScore revealed that Facebook reaches over 68% of all Android owners. According to 61% of consumers, they access news content daily using their devices, a smartphone, a tablet or both.

Headlines from website content used as social fodder promote more engagement using smartphone or desktop computer.

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Growth of Smartphone Market Boost News Content Marketing

News on Social Marketing, according to Brafton News, IDC reported that smartphone users are now the target for companies planning to alter marketing campaigns. Global smartphone ownership boost by over 42.5% early 2012 compared to the first quarter of 2011.

With Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, growth is rising consistently as consumers and businesses prefer smartphones than feature phones. Recently, 18.3% are using Apple’s iPhone, while with the addition of feature phones, made it difficult to gauge Android’s market. According to Brafton, Search is growing on major mobile operating systems.

The constant web access of smartphone users offers more opportunities in enhancing web marketing campaigns and over site traffic. Internet-connected devices drive news content consumption, with 78% of tablet owners accessing news regularly to search for updates. Content marketing campaigns that are regularly updated intending to attract more users and driving them through the conversion funnels promote reaching even wider audience.

Brafton reported that essential tools in discovering more potential purchases are smartphones and other mobile devices. Developing custom content attracts mobile users turning to search planning to start their product research. 19% use their smartphone regularly when reading about products.

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