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Social Marketing Buzz for 05-24-2012 - feed140.com

Social Marketing Buzz for 05-24-2012

Foursquare Used as Check-in Tool Rises Its Popularity, Surpassing 20 Million Users

News on Social Marketing, according to Brafton News, Foursquare surpassed 20 million users and has recently passed 2 billion check-in services. The rise of smartphones and social media made check-in service a popular tool to keep in touch with friends and other social contacts. Geosocial marketing is likely to rise with the growth of foursquare and similar other networks.

Foursquare’s popularity is likely to rise being used as check-in tool to search for information on nearby businesses. Added features provide information on restaurants, retailers and businesses in their area.

Engaging with information, users are likely to add similar content and check-in to several establishments. Businesses intend to reward this type of activity to encourage user-generated content and create their geosocial presence.

According to Brafton, 2011 local marketing expenditure reached $43 billion, ABI research predicting it to surpass $1.8 billion by 2015 due to geosocial platforms. Although the location elements of existing social media sites contribute to the popularity of check-ins, foursquare plays a significant role in consumers’ lives.

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Foursquare’s Photo-Sharing and Comment Updates Provide Brand Awareness

News on Social Marketing, according to Brafton News, according to Brafton, foursquare’s newly launched photo-sharing and comment updates provide brand awareness on the site. Geosocial site offers brands interested in building a foursquare presence to obtain the most of campaigns.

“Foursquare for Business” page is now available, offering answers to marketers’ confusion on how to make the most of this relatively new social channel.

Business page is divided into information for venue owners and information for brands. The venues page illustrates actual store locations providing a complete quick-start guide.

Insight to businesses with products and services is being presented in the brands page, producing loyal fans. Marketers go through the process of creating Pages, acquiring fans and generating loyalty via Tips.

Location-based services are likely to boost its popularity this year, with Brafton’s recent report of Google’s execs interest to get into the geosocial market.

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Apple’s iOS Top The Mobile Search With 54%

News on Social Marketing, according to Brafton News…According to Chitika, Apple’s iOS, the operating system that powers the iPhone and iPad accounted the rise of mobile search. Apple’s mobile devices had the highest percentage of all web activity related to search, with 54% of all iPhone or iPad mobile internet related to search activity.

Apple’s desktop Mac OS had the second highest percentage, with 48% of Mac-based internet traffic devoted to search. And Android users were third with 43%.

With questions arising from both iOS and Android, the rising smartphone population only proved the users contentment using their devices for quick information search. Furthermore, 36% iOS searches were classified as local searches. Local searches from Android account for 28% of all web activity on handsets running Google’s operating system.

With Brafton’s recent report that a mobile operating system is added by Google which targets as a Google AdWords is good news for paid search marketers.

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