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Social Marketing Buzz for 06-04-2012 - feed140.com

Social Marketing Buzz for 06-04-2012

Japans $100 million funding to boost Pinterest ecommerce capabilities

News on Social Marketing, according to Brafton News, after being valued at $1.5 billion, social sharing and bookmarking website Pinterest got a $100 million financial support from Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten. This will put Pinterest ecommerce capabilities available to brands using the site for social marketing.

Pinterest promotion has largely increase in the past months as they continue to add users. Visual content offered an option in social media marketing, especially for B2C businesses who can share images of their goods or brands that create industry infographics.

The investment from Rakuten will most likely result in the formation of an ecommerce element to the site that could achieve a successful pairing of visual marketing with the skill to acquire what you see from Pins.

Pinterest’s objective is to support people to see things they love, by connecting them on their shared interests. Pinterest could make the site an even more interesting social media tool for ecommerce businesses.

However, Brafton announced that while many have become members of the site, its added new users are declining.

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Downstream Conversion Tracking System Silently Offered by Facebook

News on Facebook Marketing, according to TechCrunch, Facebook has been silently offering special downstream conversion tracking system to some of its top advertisers after publicly stopping it in September 2010.

The system was discontinued because advertisers find it too confusing to use, making them miscalculate their ROI.

Facebook put in its own pixel on advertiser’s conversion page, instead of letting advertisers include a tracking pixel or drop cookies from their Facebook ads. However, privacy concerns are limited since no cookies are dropped and only Facebook makes out all the information. Users find it unreasonable that only certain advertisers shared this important data since determining the concrete ROI of social media is its main concern.

Facebook says this program has been kept in secret that they have no plan to make it available widely.

Facebook allows third-parties to supply direct conversion tracking through URL tracking tags that recognizes if visitors to external websites came from a Facebook ad. However, indirect downstream conversions or people who saw but didn’t click ads cannot be track. Though this program was said to have been stopped, Facebook actually began applying these tracking pixels itself to guarantee precise usage.

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End of Business as Usual Changes Outlook on World of Business

News on Social Marketing, according to End of Business, social media, mobile web, real time are today’s latest trend making changes in the way businesses are run. People believe that their lives should be aired 24 hours, for egosystem created by networks and digital cultures are also formed by consumers through tweeter.

But now, we need to translate the implication of this behavior and know as to where the direction of social and mobile web is heading as a new kind of consumer is changing the business world.

As consumers hook up with one another, a huge and capable information network is form and begins to steer experiences, decisions, and markets.

The End of Business As Usual will alter your perception on the world of business, from sales and marketing to customer service and product development to leadership and culture.

Significant insights include, shared experiences are redefining brands in digital consumer setting, consumer influence is increasing, connect with a growing audience through new touchpoints and make a culture of change to earn trust, influence, and significance among users.

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