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Twitter changes rule on applications displaying tweets

 News on Twitter Marketing, according to Business Grow: Twitter seems to be employing a risky move by announcing certain changes to how it allows developers to use its “fire hose” of tweets in their Third Party applications. With this move, Twitter is saying that THEY want to control the app development. This will also have a huge implication for those who build and uses content aggregating and social media services like Storify, Klout and many other popular services.

EConsultancy’s “The Twitter API as we Know it is Dead” shows that Twitter is changing the rule on how applications showing tweets should display them. The author’s avatar and the text of the tweet below the author’s name and username should now be displayed if you want to use the Twitter API to display tweets.

A new requirement observed by Jon Mitchell of ReadWriteWeb is that tweets that are grouped together in a timeline should not be rendered with non-Twitter content like comments and updates from other networks.

With this move, developers will have far less ability to create unique experiences around content drawn from Twitter because according to its new guidelines, “If your application displays Tweets to users, and it doesn’t adhere to our Display Requirements, we reserve the right to revoke your application key.”

This only shows how Twitter wanted to control the market for consumer-oriented Twitter clients.

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Pinterest provides new Android, iPad and iPhone apps

News on Pinterest Marketing, according to Pinterest Blog: Pinterest is now providing you with new apps for Android, iPad and iPhone to make it easier for you to take Pinterest with you anywhere you are. You can now discover, pin and access your account wherever you choose with these new apps.

To be able for you to be productive as possible on the time you spend on Pinterest, we rolled out our custom-designed Android app which makes it simple and fast to pin. We are also making sure that these app works well with tablets and Android phones regardless of the device’s screen size or speed.

Our new iPad app may give iPad owners the best Pinterest experience yet. The app offers users new ways to engage with pins and they can easily discover, save and organize the things that interest them.

For iPhone owners, they can now see more pins faster with the redesigned iPhone app that introduces a 2-column layout that lets users see more pins.

The apps are now available for download at

The Pinterest apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android was designed to enable the Pinterest community to live their dreams, not just in front of a computer or at the office, but anywhere you want to live your life.

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Facebook’s new metrics shows Sponsored Stories performance in Social Network

News on Facebook Marketing, according to Inside Facebook: to help advertisers recognize how their ads are performing on the social network and how they might better optimize campaigns, a new metrics on how their Sponsored Stories do in News Feed, including the average position within the feed where the story was inserted, is being offered by Facebook.

Higher clickthrough rates are observed with News Feed-based ads rather than sidebar ads since it does not advertisers to know as to what position their ad appeared in. Data showing how well ads work within the feed is being provided by Facebook thus, making advertisers want to run ads in that placement. However, competition for the space will drive up prices with a much more limited News Feed inventory.

Before, advertisers have no idea as to where their ads were appearing and how each placement was performing. Not until recently when advertisers are being allowed by Facebook to decide where to run Sponsored Stories. With the Ads API or Power Editor, advertisers can get some of this data by creating separate ads for each placement. Now, Facebook will report News Feed results separately even if advertisers select all placements or create their ads in the self-serve tool.

In June, Preferred Marketing Developers learned about a new metric, the Average News Feed position, which was only available through the Ads API late last week.

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