Social Marketing Buzz 10-24-2012

Video Content: Consistently Popular on the Web

News on Social Marketing, according to Brafton: comScore, a market research firm reported that in August, among Americans 188 million watched video on the web, 9.5 billion viewed video ads and 37.7 billion videos are being accessed.

Video content being consistently popular on the web makes the content format a part of a marketing strategy increasing companies’ visibility for their brands. In August, there was a growth on Video content consumption compared to 36.9 billion in July while video ad views fall from 9.6 billion to 9.5 billion.

Furthermore, as more video marketing content are consistently consumed by Americans in the past 12 months, August has the strongest growth with 9.5 billion ads watched from 6.8 billion last September.

June obtained a high point of 11 billion video ad consumption and remained at or above 9.5 billion since May 2012.

Naturally, Google stayed the highest platform for viewing ad content and “content” videos as well. Since regular viewers of marketing content are consumers and B2B buyers, making video a part of a company’s content strategy is more beneficial on the web.

Video material that educates and entertains prospects is better than the customary content marketing styles for it improves a company’s reputation on the web.

According to comScore, YouTube is the No. 1 channel for both “content” videos and marketing material for its capability to host their videos and distribute them throughout the web.

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Facebook’s New Design for Mobile App Install Ads

News on Facebook Marketing, according to Inside Facebook: according to a screenshot by ESPN’s SVP of Product Development Ryan Spoon, Facebook’s new design for its ad unit is being tested to promote their iOS and Android apps within Facebook’s mobile News Feed.

Since the latest iteration of the ad unit is larger which includes the “Install Now” call to action, the unit uses an app’s header image from App Center instead of the app’s logo. An app’s star rating is included in the present ad.

Early August, ads for mobile developers were launched by Facebook to drive traffic to a download page in the Apple App Store or Google Play. The ads provide ways for developers in reaching a more specific audience throughout the entire mobile ad networks.

Currently, the availability of these mobile ads may be limited to only a number of beta partners but developers can still be a part of the beta. Like Facebook’s other ads, you are charge per click basis through a bid model.

This ad unit used to be part of a “Try these apps” module and organic recommendations as well. This features an icon that leads users to their device’s native app store. The new “Install Now” language will send users outside of Facebook.

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Facebook Aims to be the Lead Source of Discovery

News on Facebook Marketing, according to TechCrunch: Facebook’s latest mobile app install ads which allow developers to buy tiles to promote their apps in theFacebook mobile news feed is now avaiable for purchase.

Facebook aims to be the lead source of discovery outside of the app stores.

During the 2 months trial, few design lessons were learned. People had difficulty on app’s name, short description and icon alone. Since they need social proof that they should download, app’s ratings from the Facebook App Center and which friend use it is shown on ads.

These ads are now available through the Ads API, Power Editor, Facebook ads partners, or straight from the App Dashboard since all the creative is pre-fixed. Deep analytics is also offered by Facebook for devs to track their ad clicks and the installs they drive. Expect developers to gain more targeting options, personalized creative, and the option to let users start downloading apps without leaving Facebook.

These are still non-social ads. And doesn‘t require a friend to have Liked or installed the app for an ad to reach your news feed. Facebook need not show a lot for it may risk of drowning out organic friend content.

The great mobile hope for Facebook’s bottom line could be the app install ads which are a huge industry. With these ads, when a company launches a new app would mean money for Facebook.

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