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Social Marketing Buzz for 03-21-2012


Longer Viewing Session as New Basis for Suggesting Videos

YouTube algorithm recommends videos based on the number of clicks an individual video receives. Though it helps to promote channels, some misleading thumbnail issues kept the system from achieving its goal to bring videos to its peak.

In response, YouTube algorithm changed their basis to videos providing a longer overall viewing session. Suggested videos will be a wonderful experience for viewers with a greater watch time and engagement. By building more sustainable and more engaged audiences, this can lead to additional benefits such as increased revenue for creators.

Videos you made that are being watched by people beyond the first click also appear in your related and recommended sections. Tips for getting video recommendation can be found in the Optimization Tips and the Frequently Asked Questions. Related videos appear next to videos playing on the Watch Page. Different types of videos will be materializing during a change in the algorithm. The increase or decrease of the number of videos that appear on the related video section can affect the creators.

Effects of Marketing Campaign

Slingshot SEO reported that new marketing campaigns are undervalued with their effect on conversions by the companies using them. With the usage of the new media marketing channels, including organic search and social, businesses seemed confused with the true value they obtained from their efforts.

Analytics data is studied by companies to identify the channels that contribute to the increase of businesses’ conversion capability. Businesses are too quick to attribute direct visits which resulted in leads and conversions to offline marketing. As an alternative, social media or email marketing campaigns may be utilized as suggested by Slingshot, since users are frequently returning to websites after initially landing on them previously from search. Slingshot said marketers often overvalue their direct visit conversions by as much as 81.59 percent. Studied online conversion habits as basis, Slingshot suggests SEO campaigns are undervalued by as much as 77.25 percent. Likewise, many businesses undervalued paid search campaigns.

A study shows that online advertising vehicles such as organic search, email marketing and paid search ads lead to a large portion of those direct visits. Google drives nearly half of all website traffic compared to about one-fifth stemming from direct visits. For a more visible websites, SEO campaigns are essential for companies. Slingshot suggests, drive web conversions.

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