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Social Marketing Buzz for 05-08-2012

Google Updates Search: Aims High Quality Site

News on Social Marketing, according to Brafton News, in view of Google’s Matt Cutts’ warning on a major move for SEO, marketers awaited an update since then. On Tuesday, Google announced its new search algorithm to combat webspam. The potential target of this update is websites interested on gaming Google’s algorithms to increase search visibility which denies a high-quality experience for users.

According to Cutts, the two types of webspam techniques which are the keyword stuffing and link schemes will be the target of algorithm. Google anticipates it will affect around 3.1% of English search queries and 12% of queries as context.

From Google’s Webmaster Central blog, Cutts emphasized content from a website offering keyword-dense article but less significant key terms to the entire content. Whereas the site published content stuffed irrelevant keywords into a blog post as an attempt to manipulate search rankings.

Keywords are critical component of a content campaign which businesses use to fuel search engine optimization. As they are essential to visibility, a disciplined and strategic use of key terms is essential, for an excessive keyword use is punishable moving forward.

Algorithmic update help companies achieve the SERP standing they desire. Cutts shared his description on future Google algorithm updates as “leveling the playing field,” suggesting that those making user’s experience better will rank well while those exploiting search algorithms will be punished.

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YouTube App Brought to your Google TV

I found this great article over at Google TV on Social Marketing and I wanted to share some of the points with you, the bringing of YouTube to your Google TV for more entertainment. The My YouTube tab organizes all the channels and videos on YouTube. Further recommendations to My YouTube promote a more relevant experience.

A great playlist, similar to recommendations introduces an escalating creativity of YouTube creators. Private playlists are now featured as a grid of videos for a quick search on any video in your Watch Later or Favorites.

Excellent methods in discovering magnificent videos are, recommendations and Search. With the right channel, great videos are even more enjoyable. Starting February, YouTube channels can be viewed on Google TV. As an answer to your request to make searching even easier, Channel Search was added for a quick find of the channel you’re looking for. Subscribe now and enjoy regular availability of the channel and a constant update in the My YouTube tab.

With best available resolution based on your connection, YouTube videos are excellent on the big screen. If you need to share some bandwidth love with other devices on your network, YouTube automatically lower its resolution to keep a smooth playing video and avoid
New YouTube is already available and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. YouTube‘s new features are designed with the intention of bringing them to the Google TV app.

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Pinterest is Among the Fastest Growing Social Network

News on Social Marketing, according to Topliners Community, a shoot-up in the growth of Pinterest lately made them one of the fastest growing Social Network and the fastest growing site on the internet as well. Pinterest is widely used by women, aged 25-34, and considered loyal users.

A study by Shareaholic.com affirms that Pinterest was accountable for referral traffic to sites with 0.9%, greater than Twitter’s 0.85% and 1/7 of Facebook’s 6.46%.

Facebook has 901 million active users, while Twitter has 140 million and 10 million for Pinterest. Pinterest user count is only 7% that of Twitter, however, it sends more absolute referral traffic than Twitter. While Facebook user count is only 1%, Pinterest sends 13% of the traffic compared to Facebook.

On other social networks, people are interested on the headline but on Pinterest, the “Pin” really acts as a visual bookmark, with just one click and you’ll see the context behind the image. Moreover, Facebook and Twitter content is shared in a linear fashion where it gradually perishes once it is shared while content is discoverable for a longer time on Pinterest.

Major users of Pinterest in UK are men. A change in the profile of the network is anticipated as they advance into general availability and head out of private beta.

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