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Social Marketing Buzz for 05-12-2012

iOS 6: Apple introduces “Maps” with 3D mode

I found this interesting article over at 9TO5 Mac on Social Marketing and I wanted to share some of the points with you. Some sources said that Apple will change the Google Maps program running on IOS since 2007 in favor for a new Maps app with an Apple backend. Though this application design may be similar to Google Maps program on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, this is a lot faster, cleaner, and more reliable experience. With the purchase of Placebase, C3 Technologies, and Poly9; Apple now had full control of the backend with the IOS 6. They used these to construct a complete mapping database. Now that the application is fully in-house, it is being referred to simply as “Maps”. They have also a new logo for IOS Maps with a new color design.

The main feature of the new Maps application is its powerful new 3D form. Users just have to click the 3D button that is easily and visibly stored in the app. The 3D mode is basically a technology from C3 technologies which has beautiful and realistic graphics based on de-classified missile target algorithms. This automated software enables C3 to quickly assemble 3D models and incorporate them with traditional 2D maps, satellite images and any user images that forever change people’s view of the world.

Apple will most likely introduce IOS 6 by mid June.

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Bing Introduces New sidebar

News on Social Marketing, according to Brafton News, Bing has revealed a new sidebar based on social data included in the search which could lead to a series of changes in integrating search and social media. The company is working to integrate data from all of the leading networks into social results, which could give it an edge over Google.

A component of Bing’s new three-column SERP is social sidebar. Every column contains different information related to a search query, where “core web results” shown on the first column provides “standard results.” The second column, known as dubbed Snapshot, keeps information and results on contacts and maps and other contents which will give Bing users immediate answers. The marketers purchase for the paid search ads will also appear on this column of the SERP. The third column, on the right side of the page, provides the users social results.

While previous efforts have failed to gain market share and improve visibility, the company hopes its new search update will help it gain more ground and will help its Bing users to a much easier, simpler and quicker answers.

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Apple’s Cash is Bigger Than the U.S. Treasury

Some valuable points on Social Marketing that I took away with me, from this article at Los Angeles Times is that, while the government struggled to arrive at an agreement on raising the debt ceiling, the U.S. Treasury’s cash balance dropped to $74 billion this week, lower than that of Apple’s $76 billion. Apple has more cash compared to the Treasury’s declining balance.

The federal number represents the amount of money left by the government before it hits the legal debt while Apple’s billions are the funds in its bank accounts.
It’s not likely possible that the government will ask Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs for help. But it wouldn’t be the first time the government will ask for a bailout from an industry magnate.

In 1893, with the U.S. economy still recovering from the financial turmoil, the U.S. Treasury was in danger of going broke. With few options left, President Cleveland met with New York financier J.P. Morgan, who pledged $60 million in gold. Within days the Treasury’s condition stabilized; within weeks the dollar’s danger had passed.

Apple as the second-largest company in the world by market value is still much smaller compared to the U.S. government, which will spend about $3.8 trillion this year.

Worries about the stability of the U.S. government’s finances may well be Apple’s reasons for keeping such a huge cash supply.

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