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Social Marketing Buzz for 05-15-2012

Over 900 Million Uses Facebook

News on Facebook Marketing, according to Brafton News, Facebook exceeded the 900 million-user mark, reflecting a rise of 33% from March 2011 with over 680 million users. While 526 million people access their accounts daily, a 41% increase from 2011 with an average of 398 million accounts.

There are 129 million U.S. users compared to 105 million 12 months ago, and 188 million Americans and Canadians regular users or 68% accessing the platform at least once each month.

Facebook is rising remarkably in the past year in terms of mobile and social activity, with 488 million mobile monthly global users in March 2012, and 288 million in March 2011. In December 2012, is 12% rise in mobile social use and 432 million users are accessed via portable devices

More usage would lead to increase engagement. With Facebook’s 3.2 billion Likes and comments per day reveals the difference between Facebook activity and Google+ activity, indicating that the +1 button generated 2.7 billion shares in one month.

Over 42 million businesses maintain Pages on the network and make Facebook a part of their social media marketing campaigns, lead to its rising popularity. Brafton reported that 92% companies consider Facebook their top priority.

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Consumers Prefer Reading News Content Via Mobile Devices Than Tablet

News on Facebook Marketing, according to Brafton News, Marketers should consider news content marketing as a strategy to reach news-hungry web audiences. Consumers prefer reading news content via mobile devices than tablet.

Pew poll survey reported that 34% respondents access news content on both desktop computer and mobile devices, 27% get news on both smartphones and tablets, and 17% of desktop users also read articles on tablets. While other 5% use all three web access points to read news content.

The presentation of brand perspective on industry news helps drive traffic to websites and sharing headlines helps elicit follows and engagement. There is an appeal from news content marketing campaigns to avoid providing insights without overt sales pitches.

According to Pew, 30% access news content from their desktop computers with keyword searches. Moreover, 25% smartphone users find news through search and 30% of tablet users turn to search engines.

Recently, Brafton reported that 78% read more news content after purchasing a tablet, making tablet users particularly active with news content.

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American Moms And Social Networks

A fascinating point on Social Marketing that I took away with me, from this article at Nielsenwire is that, American moms are particularly active and influential online, visiting social networks to search for new product reviews or to keep in touch with friends and families.

Almost three out of four moms visit Facebook in March 2012, possibly making them a fan of or follow a brand online by 38%. Moms who blog, have the chance to follow brands and celebrities more than twice compared to the online average.

There is a chance for moms to visit Blogger by 27% and 26 % to visit WordPress.com. Actually, one in three bloggers are moms, and 52% of bloggers are parents with kids under 18 in their household.

Shopping online helps moms save time and money, with a likelihood of 35% to shop for clothes, 50% for toys, 29% to buy music, and 23% for e-books online. Around 5 million American moms visit Pinterest, making the site popular. In March 2012, moms embody over a third of unique visitors using home computers.

A previous study by NM Incite, reported at least half of moms use social media via mobile devices, wherein 54% of moms are mobile subscribers to keep connected with family and friends.

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