Social Media for Marketers – The Trends Dominating 2016

social media for marketers2016 is just days away, which means it’s time for marketers to start thinking about the social media trends that could make or break their entire upcoming year.

Marketers who are able to beat other marketers to new social networks and capitalize on trends first are the most successful. Preparing for the unexpected shifts in the way we use social networks will be immensely advantageous for the companies these prepared marketers work for.

Here the 2016  social media trends:

1. Your social video efforts need to evolve.

The social video landscape is going to grow even faster in 2016, which means that it’s going to get more complicated for companies to succeed with video marketing efforts (especially organically). The video landscape is going to get more crowded and confusing, making it so that one video can’t survive or thrive on every platform. Smart marketers in 2016 are going to make special cuts of each video, for each platform. This means that the days of only uploading one cut to YouTube and blasting that video out across every platform are coming to an end.

2. Messaging platforms will continue their explosive growth trajectory.

Posting to social messaging platforms is becoming less common. People, especially millennials, are choosing to message each other more frequently for increased privacy. This means that marketers have a fun challenge to begin to tackle in 2016: figuring out how to make one-on-one contact with customers feel more organic, casual, and unforced.

3. Social networks will increase their efforts to keep users on their sites.

Social networks are going to increase their efforts to keep users on their sites. We’ve already seen a few announcements that show how this will begin to come to fruition over the next year. An example of this is Facebook announcing Notes coming back to life with a huge Medium-like redesign and content creators such as Buzzfeed committing to posting original content directly on Facebook.

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Social Media for Marketers – The Trends Dominating 2016

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