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#FaveTweets: Social Media as One of Your Sales Touchpoints

Increase brand awareness. Deepen customer relationships. Increase sales… These are the only reasons for social marketing. Feed140.com

Relationships are the new shift in marketing strategies.   They are a great part of drawing people to your business.  Social media is a great way to start building relationships and make them bloom.

Glen Gilmore’s tweet above nailed it.    Social media is beyond following and retweeting.   It’s all about giving value to your audience.

Earlier, I came across Mashable’s article on 4 ways social media drives business development.    The author pointed out that social media can be an additional touchpoint in the sales process…….which greatly makes sense.    If you already called your prospect and sent a follow up email, why not utilize social media ?    It’s a great way to nurture your leads and speed up the sales process.

According to Ted Rubin, relationships are the new currency.    Think of them as an investment.    It’s very hard when you’re just starting but if you do it consistently, payback  will be the sweetest of all.

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