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How do we manage our lives ?    How do we juggle between our career and private lives ?     How do we inject more value in our existence ? These questions sound very philosophical, but they are definitely questions that many people are asking these days.   Influential leaders such as trusted advisers can help answer some of these questions, so listen to and watch these movers.

These are probably some of the same questions that we contemplate.   The question here is whether we are doing anything to address them.    Of course, there is no easy answer for such questions.    If we know where to look, then we can receive guidance from others who achieved a semblance of success in their lives.

These are people that one can follow, learn from, and probably share with friends and colleagues.    Here are three examples of people to follow, especially on Twitter:

Feed140 FollowFriday Sean McCabe
To find a guide who emulates what we really want to accomplish in life, then Sean McCabe could be the one.     His daily video show is full of interesting information and tips that could serve as an answer to the many questions that haunt us every day.

Feed140 FollowFriday Michael Hyatt
Speaker and lecturer Michael Hyatt is someone who has definitely ‘been there and done that.’    The question is whether one is willing to learn from his wisdom.     Whatever he says about the marketing world in general requires active participation on our part.     He contends that to get the best results for our marketing efforts, it is necessary to exert some effort and to stand out from all of the noise.

Craig Jarrow
For any organization, time can be a bitter enemy.     That is why people like Craig Jarrow are there to point us in the right direction.    Proper management of time and other resources is very important, so we should take this as an opportunity to learn valuable lessons from one of the top experts in this field.

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