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5 Step Marketing Plan

5 Step Marketing Plan

Today, we introduce a time-proven 5 step marketing plan.    For many marketers, the most difficult aspect of marketing is marketing itself.    After all, promoting products and services and then convincing others to make a purchase can be a real challenge.    We know how prospective customers respond when being introduced to something new.    There is that resistance that makes it so difficult for companies to sell to anyone new.    The 5 step marketing plan described below may make a difference.

Selling a product or service to additional customers is a necessity, right ?    Unless we sell to new clients and customers, our companies will not succeed in the long run.    Growth cannot be realized by relying only upon past and current satisfied customers.   The secret to growth and long-term success in the implementation of a good marketing plan.    If one knows the time-proven basics of marketing and advertising, promoting and selling becomes easier.

Featured in the YouTube video above, here are five simple steps to a successful marketing plan:

1.  Identify product benefits (not features) – We need to identify just what it is in our products from which people can benefit.   What problems it solves ?     How does it make life easier ?    Why should someone make a purchase ?

2.  Identify your target audience – We have to know more about the people with which we have to work.   Targeting the audience that is most likely to benefit from our products is very important.

3.  Create offers – This serves as a hook of sorts, meant to attract people to us.    It also serves as an extra benefit for the people who make a purchase, as well as provide us with an idea as to just who we should be specifically targeting.

4.  Capture leads – When we see prospects that express interest in our offers, this presents an opportunity that we should not take for granted.    Increase their interest and if we do it right, it will lead us to the last part:

5.  Convert to sales – This is the final phase where the actual purchase takes place.


As anyone can see, this is a simple strategy for any businessperson and this approach can be applied to any business.    Remember, successful marketing is possible as long as we know exactly how to implement and work our plan.    Then we will be able to make a positive impact on the marketplace    The 5 step marketing plan mentioned above should serve as a good guide for us to utilize getting our marketing machine in motion.

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