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Social Marketing Buzz for 03-21-2012

  Longer Viewing Session as New Basis for Suggesting Videos YouTube algorithm recommends videos based on the number of clicks an individual video receives. Though it helps to promote channels, some misleading thumbnail issues kept the system from achieving its goal to bring videos to its peak. In response, YouTube algorithm changed their basis to […]

Social Marketing Buzz for 03-20-2012

Google Unveils a New Feature for Related Image Search Google introduced a new preview feature for image search. This latest feature allows users to see the first three results for related searches and make it perfect for visual content on the web. This helps users identify the photos most relevant to them more easily. By […]

Core Twitter Applications for Marketing

Feed140 is a key tool to put in your Twitter applications for marketing toolbox. But it’s not the only one. In this post, we’ll cover the role of Feed140 as one of your core Twitter marketing applications as well as some other tools you will want to use. The role of Feed140 in your arsenal […]

Using Twitter For Business

If you’re using Twitter for business, you should make sure you brand yourself. Branding is critical to your success on Twitter because you want to make sure you are on the top of your follower’s minds. When someone thinks of you and your brand, you want them to think about the things that make you […]

How to Get More Followers On Twitter? (That’s not the question you should be asking.)

Without fail, the first thing marketers ask when they get started on Twitter is how to get more followers on Twitter. But that’s not the question they *should* be asking. A much more important question than how to get more followers on Twitter is how to get more *listeners* on Twitter. Twitter is a lot […]

Twitter Curation Service Topic Pipeline

Our topic list for our Twitter Curation Service is constantly growing based on customer demand. Here are the topics we are currently curating: Self Improvement Social Marketing Health and Fitness Sustainable Living / Green Living Topic on our radar Personal Finance Money Saving Tips For Homeowners Travel Tips Weight Loss Relationships Small Business Management Nutrition […]