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Follow Friday: Personalities Worth Following - feed140.com

Follow Friday: Personalities Worth Following

The nice thing about social media is that there are so many people that can speak their minds and express their opinion about so many things.    The not-so-nice thing about social media, on the other hand, is that too many people are speaking their minds too loudly.    Sometimes, what they say is not worth our time.    That is why we need to choose the right person in which to listen.    While there are a lot of people and personalities to choose from, there are some who have made a reputation for themselves for being reliable and informative.   Today, for our Follow Friday, below are some personalities worth following:

Chris Anderson, one of the organizers of the successful TED web video seminars, is someone worth following.    From someone’s fight for order in Afghanistan to the introduction of low-cost cancer detection equipment, these are just some of the news for which we ought to be informed .    It’s a good thing Chris is there to spread the word.

As a person who speaks out about the needs of the human soul, Calvin Helin’s tweets are worth sharing with others.    While most of us are just focused on working or doing other things, there are some things in life on which we all would need to focus.     Life is not all work, it is also about getting in touch with ourselves, with nature, and the wonders that the world can offer us.     We just need to take a moment to savor these experiences.

Tim O’Reilly, one of the most well-known media personalities over the decades, may not sound like someone who would be that active in social media, but here we are.    One of the nice things about him is that whatever he says or promotes carries some weight.    Just like the above tweet.    We all have heard just how important innovation is, whether  it’s in business or at home.     If we do not add empathy (our heart) and delivery (our determination), then we really are going nowhere.


These are just some of the personalities that you can follow in social media channels like Twitter.     There are also plenty more that you can take inspiration from…..you just have to learn more about them.    Hopefully, with this Follow Friday personalities worth following are there to be discovered.

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