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#FollowFriday: Social Media and The Literary Giants - feed140.com

#FollowFriday: Social Media and The Literary Giants

With the recent news in the field of writing, the Nobel Prize in Literature, the most coveted award for any writer of any era, has just been awarded last week.   For this week’s Follow Friday, let’s look into some of the contenders of the most culturally relevant literary award.   Social media and the literary giants will make this international news…..as it is an international award.

Following the trend of 20th century reminiscing, firstly we have Haruki Murakami (@harukimurakami_).

A Japanese author whose works have been translated into more than 50 languages, the post-war writer has made a name for himself ever since the turn of the century.   Like magic, his works from decades past, like A Wild Sheep Chase (1982) and Norwegian Wood (1987), have sprung up to the pleasure of today’s readers.   It is true that great literature ages with time and his blend of literary wine is no less than extraordinary as the years have passed.

His style of surrealistic fatalism delves into the subconscious melancholy of the readers.    It takes them on a voyage through Japan in the eyes of his intricately woven, clandestine characters.   A favorite for the Nobel Prize, he falls short, but that does not mean the 65 year old writer will not make another comeback in the next ceremonies.   Garnering multiple awards from all over the world, and most especially from his home in Japan, the writer is set to create more wildly-popular novels in the future.

Next, we have Ismail Kadare (@kadare_ismail)

An Albanian writer who started off in his own hometown with a collection of poetry, Ismail Kadare made it as a Nobel Prize nominee for his work in postmodern literature.   A truly revolutionary blend of words and images, the 78 year old writer has astounded audiences since the 1960s, when his works such as the General of the Dead Army rose up to claim literary spotlight.

Through the years, he has gained a reputation for himself being a member of several prestigious writing groups all over the world.   Most of his works are based in France, where he did most of his contemporary writing.   Not his first time to vie for the coveted Nobel Prize, he has actually been nominated on several occasions, but has only now been recognized as a true contender for the international award.

And of course, we have the awardee himself to follow, Patrick Modiano (@PatrickModiano)

The 65 year old French man swept the audience off their feet as he took home the Nobel Prize on October 10, 2014.   A writer of fiction and nonfiction novels, he came through as the underdog to the challenge.   Why is that ?   Well, for one, his works have not been widely translated into as many languages as some writers.   Popularity alone is not a criteria for a Nobel Prize Laureate.

His works have revolutionized French literary prowess.   A celebrity in his home country, the writer prefers the seclusion of his home in a humble, writer-esque way.   Due to his status, his works are now being translated into almost 60 languages.   Between social media and the literary giants, it won’t be long before the world knows how well he has earned his title as the greatest writer of this year.

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