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Social Marketing Buzz for 04-12-2012 - feed140.com

Social Marketing Buzz for 04-12-2012

Content Marketing Help Attract Twitter followers

A study conducted recently by AYTM Market Research revealed that among the most frequently followed accounts on the microblogging website are bloggers and news organizations. And for this reason, marketers believe that adding news content marketing to their social mix would be sensible to build their brand reach.

Favorite companies are being followed by more than 42 % of respondents which made brand accounts somewhat popular. Marketers have the idea that with the use of content marketing by sharing articles through Twitter, there will be an increase of the probability that prospects will follow.

The study reveals that bloggers providing original content with interesting topics have 31 % followers while one-third of users engage with news providers are seeking for information.

With the use of comprehensive social media marketing strategy, businesses attract Twitter users on multiple fronts. To attract prospects searching for company information and news, there must be a motivation in providing timely and engaging branded content.

Furthermore, AYTM study showed that 31.5 % of respondents read more than create and that many Twitter users seldom Tweet. Getting feedback engagement from Twitter followers can be helpful in providing the impetus for more passive users to reach out to brands.

Twitter now has more than 140 million active users in just six years since it started on the web, as reported by Brafton. AYTM stated that there are so many inactive accounts and explains the inconsistency between the number of Twitter’s active users and an earlier report of more than 500 million users.

Over 100 Million Google+ Users

According to Paul Allen, unofficial Google statistician, the company has surpassed 100 million users following his earlier report that Google+ has 62 million users in the previous month.

While Search plus Your World and Google privacy updates have encountered some controversy, Google+ continues to grow, in which search and social media marketers should take note.

The reason for the platform’s growth is motivated by the general growth of social media and social media marketing as a whole, according to Paul Allen. Different platforms are being tried and tested by users to identify which would suit best to their needs and interests. Ten percent of Google+ users created their accounts in the last week and a half after the announcement of Larry Page that Google+ reached 90 million users.

Google has a new requirement when creating a new account; it is a must to create both Google+ and Gmail accounts for new users, according to Brafton.

Allen is expecting anytime today or this week when Facebook will announce something startling like 1 billion active users or how many total users account they have.

According to Brafton, some experts believe that Facebook’s 1 billion accounts will become a reality in August of 2012.

Google adds +1 Button for Ad Relevancy and Quality Site Content

For users to share quality landing pages on their Google+ accounts, Google announced earlier this week the addition of +1 button to display ads running through its network. Through this feature, users are permitted to recommend a company’s landing page content on their Google accounts.

The value of keyword-rich, informative landing pages has been a frequent discussion topic. Recently, there has been an adjustment to its AdWords Quality Score to be able to focus on landing page relevancy. Due to Google’s addition of the +1 button to ads, greater emphasis is place on ad relevancy and quality site content. And gives advantage to companies for they are able to gain social shares without resourcing beyond production of the landing pages. The focus of businesses using content marketing typically falls on their updated blog posts or timely articles. Focusing on the quality of evergreen content, such as landing pages and a company bios, will generally add strength to website and more attraction to prospects and search algorithms.

According to Brafton, Google took a new step by the inclusion of deep links in search results to encourage the creation of quality content throughout a website. Six links were included by Google to popular landing pages on a site to get top search results and that marketers should focus on the quality of deep content accordingly.

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