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Social Marketing Buzz for 04-16-2012 - feed140.com

Social Marketing Buzz for 04-16-2012

Consumers’ Dependence on Google Continues, 74 percent use Google Search and 60 percent own Gmail Accounts

AYTM Market Research revealed that subsequent to the launching of Google’s streamlined privacy policy, over 74% continue using Google search in seeking information on the web. With this report, the study shows that of the 400 consumers, most of them are not concern of Google’s new Activity Reports.

AYTM also added in their report that Gmail is being used by 60% as their main email services, and YouTube is used to view video content by 61% of the consumers. This only reflects that Google is now being considered to be the number one access point for various forms of content marketing.

Google’s search update is utilized by new media marketing campaigns as their guide to maximize web visibility especially in the creation of content to improve SEO. Companies adding platform to their social media marketing strategy is a possibility as the infusion of Google+ data inform search rankings. The survey found that more than 18 percent of respondents use Google+. The survey discloses that more than 18% of the respondents use Google+.

Many believed that Google’s privacy policy will not be a success, doubtful if it could maintain its dominance after the launching on March 1. Though almost one-third of respondents have no idea of the privacy update, the end for Google is far from reality for consumer’s dependence continues.

According to Brafton, Google’s privacy policy in relation to Washington Post survey revealed that Google accounts will be cancelled by over 65% due to the new policy. However, AYTM’s

survey results showed that since the policy rolled out, majority continued using the services of Google.

Consumers Preferred Mobile Web to Apps

Nielsen reported that consumers preferred the use of mobile web to applications for they are able to compare prices on different websites rather than purchase regularly from one seller. This report brings about a growing dispute among business owners, with regards to creating content for their sites that will be advantageous in building a presence in mobile search.

During the holiday shopping season, a study on mobile behavior of 5,000 American adults was conducted. According to Nielsen, the research showed 60% of smartphone users turned to the web in obtaining information related to products that interest them. Ecommerce website is accessed by 51%. The activity still held fairly strong in January where 45% of consumers use the mobile web for product information.

The research lasted four months and the result of the consumers accessing mobile apps for businesses was barely 28%.

This must be regarded by marketers as significant in the development of a website and integrated web marketing strategy aiming to reach mobile web users. Mobile SEO campaigns play a very important role since simple adjustments to keyword strategies can make content marketing material more likely to appear on mobile SERPs.

The boost of social media marketing campaigns of companies is attributed to the growth of mobile use, especially in terms of targeting prospects. Though websites are preferred over ecommerce apps, social media apps are consistently popular on smartphones, according to Brafton. In maintaining a strong mobile web presence, social campaigns help marketers attract their audiences.

Effective Content Marketing Campaign + Email Marketing Appeals to Consumers

In attracting new or existing customers, email marketing used by businesses must also integrate an effective content marketing campaign so there will be sharing of information among the recipients, their friends and colleagues, says Emailvision.

Discount information and coupons helps generate the most frequent sharing. However, different types of content are also quite effective at compelling recipients for they tend to inform others of what they found or read in an email marketing campaign.

New information or announcements from a business is one among the most effective kinds of content, over 19% of respondents share this type of content with others. It is important to keep existing customers abreast on what’s happening for this may help in convincing them that a new product or service is what they need for their business.

According to Emailvision, companies offering some form of incentive for referring new customers also see their content shared more frequently.

Both social media marketing and email campaigns allow businesses to expand the scope of their campaigns. They use of social is believed by over 35% of companies to help boost awareness of their company on the web. Additionally, 22.2% said that integrating channels is effective for customer retention.

As Brafton reported, the social media marketing presence is considered by 27% of companies to be the most successful customer retention tool.

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