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Social Marketing Buzz for 04-18-2012 - feed140.com

Social Marketing Buzz for 04-18-2012

More Tablet Users View News Content than Mobile Users

A study conducted recently by Starcom MediaVest and BBC’s web wing showed that tablet owners consuming more online news content has reached nearly 80%. Mobile device users were reported to be less active in engaging with news content compared to tablet users. This report is an implication that news content marketing is perfect for businesses targeting tech-savvy consumers.

Seventy-eight percent respondents started to read more news content as they own a tablet. With tablet’s high-quality experience and more accessibility to the web, comes the rise of online news consumption.

The growth of tablets motivates businesses to consider news content marketing for the reason that tablet owners are hungry for news. The fusion of the original industry news content and dynamic keyword strategy could lead to the advancement of their search rankings and upholding a position as a thought leader in the industry.

As news content investors, marketers gain visibility in an organized and significant search space. With Google’s 66% search queries, developing content previously appears in the news engine will help in the improvement of web traffic and circulation. Recently, Brafton reported that fostering on niche leadership and frequent, quality social sharing are critical factors in winning admission into Google News.


Mobile Marketing May Transform Email Campaigns

Despite the rise of connected mobile devices for quite some time now, the realization of many businesses of their potential as marketing tool has just transpired. With this ongoing trend, Business Insider report insinuates that mobile marketing may transform email campaigns.

Many marketing campaigns considered email as their bread and butter for the past years since businesses intend to leverage more affordable marketing outlets. Through mobile channels’ growing connection to their emails, target audiences are became accessible to markets.

According to Exact Target report, marketing requires a fresh email content from mobile internet. It has been revealed in this study that 29% respondents are regularly checking their emails the whole day through their devices. As well as, 20% share articles by means of mobile phones. The leading driver of mobile purchase decisions is the mobile email content.

Mobile devices are considered by marketers as an alternative method of capturing users’ attention, aside from email content. To prevent the lost of the reader’s attention, Business Insider suggested that email marketing must have a clear and concise content.

News provider stated, compared to other forms of digital marketing, mobile marketing is believed to be the real growth industry since it is the sort of marketing that any type of business no matter what size can get involve without breaking the bank.

Mobile Marketing is still at its early stage, and yet many businesses are trying to work out the best approach to the medium. Mobile content and keeping customers connected should be the focus of companies utilizing mobile marketing and not to dazzle people with a “cool” factor, as reported by Memeburn.com.

Video Marketing One of the Biggest Investment Areas in 2012

In February, video content on the web have over 179 million American viewers and a combined 38 billion videos are being watched during the month.

New media marketing campaign is launched by businesses who integrate video marketing to provide prospects with engaging, informative content via a rising channel. In 2011, Brafton reported that YouTube topped a colossal 1 trillion views and some top video clips which could be of help to businesses in creating best tips in their industries.

Last month, comScore revealed that Google web properties and YouTube were the most frequently visited for video content.

On social media marketing, video content can be an interesting twist. ComScore stated that basing on the videos viewed, Facebook is on the fourth rank. Businesses have the advantage with Facebook, Twitter and other popular network’s sharing of original video content for it help them engage news with their video marketing and make interesting social content.

According to Brafton, video marketing will be one of the biggest investment areas for businesses for the expansion of their content marketing in 2012. Either launching campaigns or strengthening of existing efforts will be experienced by almost half of companies.

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