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Social Marketing Buzz for 04-19-2012 - feed140.com

Social Marketing Buzz for 04-19-2012

One Person/Department Job for Social Media Marketing

A ‘clear owner’ is essential to enjoy success.

Facebook, in collaboration with Forrester shared their idea on a report that only one central worker or department must be given the task in social media marketing as what has been practiced by other campaigns. Social is truly the strategic channel but many businesses do not share the same opinion and dealt with it in a different way. Businesses’ indifference often results in the prevention of prospects from engaging due to excessive updates and an unclear message.

Businesses encounter difficulties and come across different types of problems on their way to achieving this ideal. Managing social media marketing is crucial for companies concerning the return on investment they desire.

The report revealed that although the involvement of several people with social occasionally works, there will be detraction from the brand building focus of a social campaign due to miscommunication.

It is but natural for different departments to view social data for it enables companies to process the information throughout the industry which beneficial to companies seeking a better insight into their target audience. However, the job in posting and actually engaging prospects must be designated to solely one person or department only.

Since more prospects begin using the channel, importance must be given to the refining of social strategy. According to Brafton, by year 2014, 20% of the world’s population will be active on social networks.

Twitter’s 6th Year Reaches 140 Million Active Users

Twitter will be celebrating its 6th year this week with its increasing growth on its company blog. Simultaneously, the microblogging website has turned to be one of the most popular networks and has advance into a valuable social media marketing platform.

Brafton reported earlier this year, that Twitter has gone beyond 500 million users. According to Twitter through its blog post, over 140 million active users regularly access their accounts and share content, and 340 million Tweets every day.

To keep an open communication with family and friends, the website has evolved into a popular news aggregator for users and a customer service and content marketing platform for businesses.

In 2012, Twitter is working on more ways to provide better offers to businesses to use the website in reaching clients and prospects. One of their updates includes greater mobile marketing ability. Recently, Brafton revealed on his report that Twitter has refined its Promoted Tweets for mobile devices to provide targeting capability in terms of demographics and mobile operating systems.

Video Content the Best Way to Reach the Millennials

In reaching web audiences, web video content has progressively developed into an effective marketing platform for businesses.

Most consumers are still fond of their televisions, while a number of demographics who are starting to be more likely to stream video on laptops and various mobile devices are the adult Millennial. Millennial are those who belong to age group between 18 and 30. Video marketing may possibly be the best way to reach these audiences.

A study showed that 70% of consumer’s stream video content regularly, 59% usually watch video from a desktop or laptop computer, while 24% from smartphones and tablets.

As general web access grows, the kind of video content that consumers watch also increases. According to Brafton, there is integration of branded how-to clips with some of the top YouTube videos. These videos being used as part of a content marketing campaign could be beneficial to businesses for it help them attract most demograchics, especially the young adult generations.

For now, older adult generations may not be particularly strong targets for video marketing campaigns. But moving forward, things will change as the report found all generations stream more web content.

An interesting takeaway from Ypulse’s study is the rising of internet-connected televisions for it enable consumers to browse the web and watch video content directly on their TV set. Another way to help companies appeal to users is by creating high-definition video content.

Recently, a similar study by YuMe was quoted by Brafton implying that the most possible to be influenced by video marketing are the 25-34 age group. Therefore, the ideal target for new media marketing efforts is definitely the young adults.

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