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Social Media Hacks: Instagram Marketing Tips

Social Media Hacks: Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram, that social media network known for its images evoking nostalgia, has always been a popular channel for many people who want to express themselves in a more visual fashion.    The site is clean, easy to use, and its simple design makes posting, sharing, and liking of images very useful for its visitors.

This ease of usage also makes it a viable platform for companies to use in their advertising and promotions.    Of course, there are some things that you need to know about when it comes to using Instagram for your marketing efforts.    It would be a waste if all you do is just post pictures and pray that someone will stumble upon it and spread the word.

Just like this article from social media marketing guru Jeff Bullas said, there are some Instagram marketing tips with which you should pay attention.

Instagram Marketing Tips

  1. Connect to your channels – when using Instagram, posting a lot of images is not enough.   You also need to complete your bios, as well as other details that will allow even first-time visitors the chance to get in touch with you.    This means connecting to your other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Focus on quality and personable visuals – Instagram is mainly a visual site and to ensure that you are getting the right attention, you should create visual content that your audience will appreciate.    You should not not slapdash or anything.   And, it should also contain content to which your audience can relate.
  3. Use hashtags – By now, you are probably aware of how to use hashtags.    Use them, but sparingly.     You need to utilize them to make your posts available to anyone who wants to view images based on hashtags.
  4. Be genuine – To get the best results, you should be honest in your posts, appeal to your audience by being genuine.    People appreciate it when you are upfront with them concerning your message.
  5. Have a contest – Hosting a contest is also another way to garner attention to your posts.    It can be in any form, for example, having them like or share your pictures, or having them post pictures of their own based on your criteria.    Having your audience to participate increases the rate of interaction between your them and your business.
  6. Plan your posts – Considering the number and frequency of posts that you have to display, you have to properly plan when to have them posted during the week.   Planning is essential.    In this way, you can prepare your images, decide which will make the most effective impact, and schedule it at a time where the greatest number of people will see it.

Yes, it is actually that simple.     All that is needed is for you to carry out all of these activities.

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