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Twitter Tuesday: YouTube Influencers Unite ! - feed140.com

Twitter Tuesday: YouTube Influencers Unite !

We all know just how widespread YouTube is in terms of the lives and lifestyles of people.   Practically anyone with a video camera can record their day-to-day activities and upload it. And that is not including the many others who simply search the social media channel for anything that is of interest to them.   So, for this week’s Twitter Tuesday let the YouTube influencers unite !

Whether it’s in technology, food, or simply travel, there are a lot of visual aids that you can watch on YouTube.    Of course, you have to know just which of these videos are worth giving your attention.    With the number of YouTube personalities around, there are a few worth watching or taking note of, especially with the content they have to share.    And here they are:


Greg Jarboe is certainly a personality worth giving your attention.    He has a good eye for marketing and advertising videos.  Mr. Jarboe also has knowledge and experience that he shares with many others in the marketing business.


It does raise questions as to how the people during the 80’s might look at the tech giants that we know today.    Lee Odden does share with us some glimpse into the world of the 80’s with this interesting collection of videos that should perk up your attention.    So go ahead, click on the image above and see it for yourself.


Now this is something that should really grab your attention.    It is true that many of our SEO techniques have been developed by the people we look to as the experts in the field.    But even if they are already the masters of the topic, there are still some things that they can still improve upon.    In any case, it is worth your time to view this link.    This might be useful for your own social media and SEO marketing plans.

Yes, these are just some of the YouTube content influencers that you should listen to what they have to say.    Try discovering other some other personalities that are also worth following.   Let the YouTube influencers unite !


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