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How to Use ‘Publish Immediately’ Feature

Feed 140 now has a new feature which allows you to be able to select specific items from your playlist and send them to your queue so that they can be sent immediately to your Twitter or Facebook account. Here are the simple steps on how to use this feature: 1. Login to your Feed140 account and go […]

Social Media Update: Attaching Images to Facebook and Twitter Posts

We know you’ll be happy with this.   For our loyal customers who’ve been consistently supporting us, for our new users, and for those who have voted this in your Feedback dashboard, it’s finally here!   You can now attach images to your Facebook and Twitter updates. Here’s Why We Think This Feature Rocks ! eMarketer stated in […]

A Complete Redesign of Feed140 – A Letter from the Founder

As a Feed140 user, you may be wondering how long it will take to fix the latest of the issues we are experiencing including non-functioning RSS Feeds, stopped queues, and nagging performance problems. I cannot honestly tell you how long it will take but I can tell what we are doing about it. And, I […]

Guides for Marketers: Insights From the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

The fact is that social media is the one of the main ingredients in a successful digital marketing mix. Almost everyone is taking the plunge into the social media sphere.   Improving your online presence takes a lot of experimentation, analysis and corrective action.  It is a significant challenge to say the least.  Fortunately, Social Media […]

Social Marketing Buzz: Google Drive Even Gets Better

“Everything is possible with Google.” I started my first job as a digital marketer and have highly benefited with the creation of Google Drive. As time goes by, it gets even better and better. At Feed140 where most of the staff are working remotely, we create our articles, reports, memos, announcements and many more documents […]

Bugs and Freak Storms Will Not Stop Us

I had hoped to be writing you next to announce our latest features and improvements but, unfortunately, I’m writing about a critical bug that is made worse by a freak storm We have discovered, through user reports, a bug in the manual ‘add tweet’ function. Although we are not sure of the exact cause, we […]

Working hard to get our customers tweeting again

I received an email from Twitter saying they have rejected my request to reinstate my Twitter account. They have offered no explanation other than ‘violations of the user agreement.’ I am, however, more and more convinced that the suspension is based on complaints generated by my followers after my account got hacked and the hackers […]

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