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Most Used Social Media Platforms By Business Marketers

With all the different social media platforms out there that are available for business owners to use, “Where do I start?” is a common question. Most businesses and nonprofits understand the value of using social media to reach customers, but have to realize that all platforms may not be for them. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn […]

How to Launch a Successful Social Media Campaign

  Some people seem to have a never-ending supply of creative, out-of-the-box ideas. They’re always coming up with new campaigns in meetings, delivering creatives that wow the entire office, and dreaming up innovative ways to reach the right audience. These people are inspiring, but the reality is, even they get stuck every now and again. […]

The Most Common Startup Myths Debunked

Some entrepreneurs forget that they need an innovative business model along with an innovative solution to have a successful startup. Inventors alone, or business gurus alone, generally fail. It really takes a complementary pair of founders to improve the odds. Here are the most common myths you should ignore to succeed in your startup business: 1. “A great […]

Social Media for Startups on a Limited Budget

If you’re a startup, operating on a limited budget, it becomes essential to focus your marketing on low-budget marketing strategies that are proven to work. You need to make every penny count. Social media is essential to any new startup’s marketing plan because it offers free and low cost ways to promote a new website. […]

Content Curation With Feed140: Part 4, Making Blog Posts Out of Curated Items

This is part 4 of a series. If you are new to the series, please start here: Content Curation with Feed140: Part 1, Strategy and Overview In this part, we will show you how to create posts out of curated items to create helpful content for your blog visitors and social network followers.  You will learn how […]

3 Simple Steps to Content Marketing Success

With so many brands now recognising the importance of producing regular, fresh, and high quality content though, it can sometimes feel like you’re simply churning out great work that gets forgotten the very next day. So what’s the solution? Instead of focusing on the quantity of content we are creating, we should shift our energy […]

Developing a Social Media Marketing Plan – How to Assess Your Strategy

Social media marketing is rapidly becoming the method of choice for marketers in all industries. Even so, social media marketing can often be difficult to quantify in terms of return on investment simply because it functions differently than traditional marketing. The first and most important step that you can take is to separate ROI from […]