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How to Auto Post Twitter Using Feed140

As we all know, Twitter is a highly popular and fast-paced social media platform. For this reason, it can be hectic for marketers to come up with new auto post Twitter updates without getting lost in thousands of tweets posted every minute. To stand out, you need to have a strong Twitter strategy. An effective solution […]

Social Marketing Buzz: Top 5 Twitter Marketing Tip Cards

Some of you have been in Twittersphere for quite a long time now.   Some of you become experts and gurus, but how about those who are just about to jump on the Twitter bandwagon ? Here are some Twitter Marketing Tip Cards that will surely help your Twitter marketing campaign.   “On Twitter, interaction […]

Social Marketing Buzz: Grow Your Twitter Followers + 99 Tweet Ideas

Have you been on Twitter and actively posting updates for many years, yet there’s no change on the follower count ?   Hmmm…maybe it’s time to dig deeper, conduct a social media evaluation and analyze the findings. It’s time to grow your Twitter following. You’re not a celebrity.   You have to work hard for […]

Social Marketing Buzz: Ways to Avoid Twitter Suspension

We live by rules and rules are meant to enhance how we live.    It’s the same with social media, they have rules that users should follow.    Rules are not made to protect the tool but to protect its user’s interests. Twitter is an effective marketing tool that gives brands and marketers the opportunity […]

Social Marketing Buzz: What’s new on Twitter ?

Twitter has been among us for over 8 years now and never fails to provide feature updates that satisfy its users.    It keeps on growing and growing with a soaring 288 million active users every month.    Twitter is in third place to Facebook and Instagram with 1.39 billion and 300 million monthly active […]