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Follow Friday: Tweets Worth Remembering

Content marketing can be a nightmare……and that is a fact.      Considering the things one has to do just to get results (but still not getting what was the desired result), it does raise questions as to what marketing teams might be doing wrong.     Still, one has to admit that generating quality content for a targeted […]

Follow Friday: Boost Your Productivity

In this week’s issue of Follow Friday:  Boost Your Productivity,  you’ll get to know a new set of awesome people on Twitter that will help you to take your productivity to the next level.   Follow them and you’re most likely to be motivated and highly productive throughout the work day.    Boost your productivity to a […]

How Does Social Media Marketing Affect Your Business ?

In the world we live today, more than half of the human race is under 30 years old.    That is a very young population.    These people have never lived in a time when computers or social media was not present.     Literally speaking, they do not know a life in which the Internet does not exist.     […]

Twitter Wednesday: Three Tweets For The Top Content Marketers Among Us

The top content marketers among us is the subject in this week’s Twitter Wednesday.   It has been said time and time again that content is king.     No matter what pundits say, or what the numbers are telling you, people always value websites that have good content to show.    It may not be in […]

Social Media Tuesday: Blog Posts Worthy of Your Time to Review

Blog Posts Worthy of Your Time to Review We all know just how difficult it is to make a name for ourselves in the online community.    That is the reason why we invest a lot of energy and resources into our social media efforts.    After all, when it comes to introducing yourself online, tapping into […]

Social Media Is Taking Over The World

Don’t worry…….. this is just a test on reactions.   If this headline caught your attention, then you’ve fairly well touched the magic that social media has been creating.   Well, I could be wrong, but isn’t it true that headlines like these are what attracts a lot of attention? This subject reminds me of an interesting […]

Social Marketing Strategy, #FaveTweets Of the Week

Every Wednesday, we like to feature our favorite tweets on the topic of social marketing strategy from the previous week.  Here, are last week’s amazing tweets.  Enjoy! Ann Tran – Social Marketing Strategy Pro, Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer. http://ann-tran.com/ Want to Gain Influence on Social Media? Get to Work. http://t.co/YCt6LDl6eb #SocialMedia — Ann […]