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#FaveTweets: Twitter Quotes for Start-Ups

Thriving and surviving ?   This post is for you.   Maybe you just launched your website, your software applications or in general your business. Starting a business is never easy.   It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon as they say.   Yes, let’s say you did your best just to stay afloat in […]

#FaveTweets: Top Tweets on Marketing

March has finally ended and it’s the first week of April !   It’s now time to complete the month-end marketing reports and  brainstorm for new ideas for the coming months. Did your marketing reports go well ?  Did your ROI pay for all the effort expended ? Regardless of here you found most of […]

#FaveTweets: Weekly Round-Up of Helpful Social Media Tweets

Have you already read these helpful tweets ?   Well, you must.    Save some time  everyday to update yourself in the current strategies that experts are using.   It will greatly help your brand awareness too. Here are some helpful social media tweets for you.  Enjoy !   5 #SocialMedia Mistakes and How to Avoid […]

#FaveTweets: Using Social Media Responsibly

Social media has become the most used marketing approach by businesses anywhere to be found online.   You can use it organically or using paid promotions……whichever one works best for you. For some, it’s just for Fortune 100 companies.   However, anyone can participate in social media.  Knowing your target audience and target industries will […]

#FaveTweets: Finding New Social Media Opportunities

Let’s go beyond retweeting, +1, resharing & liking.    These activities are good but you might be missing some bigger opportunities.   This week on our starred tweets, we highlight some excellent ideas that you can add to your social media campaign. Invisible Audience: Why Your #SocialMedia Posts Are More Popular Than You Think http://t.co/1cxBsTL5MD […]

#FaveTweets: Social Media Helps Increase Brand Awareness

Think about social media as your megaphone to reach a greater audience.   It is now a necessity that all brands and start-ups must have a social media presence.   This week, Fave Tweets are all about social media as a great medium to help boost a brand’s awareness.   #Instagram campaigns are a great […]

#FaveTweets: Social Media as One of Your Sales Touchpoints

Relationships are the new shift in marketing strategies.   They are a great part of drawing people to your business.  Social media is a great way to start building relationships and make them bloom. #SocialMedia is not about "followers" and retweets, it's about friends and relationships. — Glen Gilmore #SocBiz (@GlenGilmore) February 18, 2015 Glen […]

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